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Caribbean News Now is the leading voice for Caribbean regional news, information and opinion and is the successor to Caribbean Net News (2003-2010).

Published by and through the collaborative efforts of a number of individual contributors and other sources, Caribbean News Now provides extensive regional news coverage that no other agency provides, covering almost 40 nations and territories in the wider Caribbean, as well as six regional organisations, and focusing on the latest political and regional news.

With an emphasis on delivering up to date news and current opinion from around the Caribbean region, keeping Caribbean nationals worldwide in touch with issues of national and international importance, government leaders, other senior public officials, and captains of regional industry rely on the daily content provided by Caribbean News Now.

In addition to regional sports and business coverage, a wide range of cultural content that reflects and defines the peoples of the Caribbean is also featured, including poetry, entertainment and literature, along with portals for user-submitted material of interest to the people of the Caribbean and the worldwide Diaspora.

The website attracts some 1.5 million visitors and 2.5 million page views annually, with the majority (84%) of the readership split equally between North America and the wider Caribbean.

The US visitor demographics breakdown (as independently measured by Quantcast) for Caribbean News Now is:

Male: 59%
Older: age 35-54 32% / age 55+ 34%
More affluent: $100,000+ 57%
Better educated: Graduate school 43%

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