Regional pollster predicts decisive victory at the polls for St Kitts – Nevis Labour Party

St Kitts-Nevis labour party gear up for next election

KINGSTON, Jamaica – A recent poll conducted by Johnson Survey Research Inc., is showing St Kitts and Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP), would win six out of the eight seats [on St Kitts] if the election was called around June – July 2019.

Fort-eight percent of the people feel Dr Denzil Douglas would do a better job running the country whilst only 29 percent think Dr Timothy Harris is up to the job.

Besides, 48 percent said they wished Dr Douglas was still prime minister compared to 35 percent who said they were content that Dr Harris is prime minister.

The poll also shows that across the six constituencies an average of 38 percent thinks the government is doing a good job.

Johnson Survey Research Inc designed the poll to assess how likeable candidates are and how favourable the two political leaders across the various constituencies are rated. Nonetheless, summary results did not include constituency numbers six and seven respectively.

Forty-nine percent of those surveyed have a unfavorable opinion of Dr Harris but only 36 percent are in favor of him.

However, 63 percent gave Dr Douglas a favorable rating while only 27 percent an unfavorable one.

On the question of performance, 38 percent rated the prime minister as doing a good job compared to 71 percent who said Dr Denzil Douglas’ performance during his tenure in office was superior.

By a significant margin, the average across six constituencies, respondents registered likeability for Dr Douglas at 71 percent and 42 percent dislike; in contrast, the average dislike for Dr Harris was 54 percent and his likability 38 percent.

The poll revealed that an average of 18 percent of respondents were undecided in relation to who would be a better leader for the country.

“For the past five election cycles in St Kitts and Nevis our polling results have accurately reflected the decision of voters. I stand confidently behind the results of this poll,” pollster Johnson remarked.

Johnson Survey Research Limited Inc., is based in Jamaica and was established in 1982. The company conducts various political polling across the Caribbean and the United States.



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