Letter: Fix your mind and stop making excuses


Dear Sir:

It was amazing to read the interview in today’s Sunday Guardian wherein the member of parliament for Laventille West Fitzgerald Hinds is quoted as saying to the people of Laventille to “Fix Your Mind & Stop Making Excuses.”

This is an insult of the highest order and is an admission of the absolute failure of any type of fiduciary responsibility by a member of parliament (MP) to his constituents.

Laventille has had 63 years of uninterrupted representation in parliament by the Peoples National Movement (PNM) 1956, during which 46 of those years the PNM were in government. 

Fitzgerald Hinds cannot even apologise for the continual neglect and lack of any real representation that he, as the MP and his Party have given to Laventille East/Morvant, Laventille West, Port of Spain South and surrounding areas… constituencies which have never benefited from the so-called ‘love and care’ of the PNM. These constituencies have always received crumbs while the PNM’s elite dined and wined and they became an army of dependents who remain to this day, a significant PNM vote bank.

Hinds’s PNM has always ignored the needs of its core constituents.

How can these citizens fix their minds and stop making excuses when, for the last 63 years, they have continued to have their concerns repeatedly and callously ignored by successive PNM governments? This is not unique. The PNM, in league with its upper-class financiers and new elite candidates, has repeatedly ignored the concerns of its poorer class of supporters.

It is their style to treat their core support badly and somehow skillfully nurture the myth that they alone care for them and represent their interests.

Having sought and got their vote once again in 2015, Hinds has been true to form with the modus operandi of former PNM MPs. He abdicated his duty to represent the constituency and is now blaming his constituents for his incompetence and his government abandoning them.

He continues to shift the blame for the past decades of non-representation onto the communities as he is looking forward to seeking another mandate in the upcoming general elections. Only a moron could fail to grasp that is what he is doing.

Are the residents of Laventille responsible for their neighborhoods being underdeveloped, for having high unemployment and for experiencing the highest levels of murder in the country.

He has admitted that in just over a decade, Laventille recorded 1318 murders, of which 1232 were gun-related.

As in past years, the PNM believes that all the residents need is ten days, temporary low paying jobs just before the election and they will be fooled into voting for the balisier.

Hinds’s tenure in parliament, like so many of his PNM colleagues, continues to be defined by failure after failure, lack of representation and in Hinds’s own case, public humiliations from his political leader.

Capil Bissoon



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