Russian foreign minister to visit Suriname

Suriname Foreign Minister Yldiz Pollack-Beighle (L) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow

By Ray Chickrie

Caribbean News Now contributor

PARAMARIBO, Suriname — Sergei Lavrov will visit Paramaribo, Suriname, July 26, 2019, for a two-day working visit. The Russian top diplomat will meet his Surinamese counterpart, Yldiz Pollack-Beighle and president Desire Bouterse to discuss among other issues, the opening of Russia’s new embassy in Suriname. 

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a release that talks with the Surinamese foreign minister will take place in Paramaribo on July 27. 

“The parties will analyze the prospects to further expand bilateral ties in various areas,” Zakharova said.  She added that a protocol meeting between Bouterse and Lavrov is also scheduled.

Lavrov is in the region to attend BRICS, an association of five major emerging national economies; Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, foreign ministers meeting scheduled to be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil from July 25 to 26. Originally the first four were grouped as BRIC, before the inclusion of South Africa in 2010. 

The Suriname Star News is reporting that Suriname turned down Indian authorities’ request to have their foreign minister visit Suriname on July 23, he will be in the region to attend the BRICS meeting. 

Surinamese authorities have indicated that the visit of the Indian official would be difficult to plan in that period Star News reported. Suriname is preparing to receive the Russian ministerial delegation on July 26.

Bolivian president, Evo Morales, two weeks ago visited Suriname and Russia.  

Russian foreign minister to visit Guyana and Suriname; Bouterse and Granger to meet in December

Russian diplomat, Alexandr Schetinin, noted that in the last two years Suriname has made “a strong effort to develop relations with Russia”.

There have been new and intense diplomatic activity between the Russian Federation and Suriname. The two countries previously signed agreements on military cooperation and a visa-free regime that includes other South America countries becoming a visa-free space for Russian nations.

Meanwhile, a trail of diplomacy is sweeping the region, Russia continues diplomatic manoeuvre’s in Guyana’s oil bloc, dominated by US giant ExxonMobil major oil discoveries in Guyana.



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