Acres Agricultural Canada receives 300-acre Cannabis license from government of St Vincent and the Grenadines


KINGSTOWN, St Vincent — Acres Agricultural Canada Corp., announced that it has received approval from the Medicinal Cannabis Authority of St Vincent and the Grenadines to produce within the country and export internationally, Cannabis in all of its forms for medicinal purposes, on July 11, 2019. This license approval is made in accordance with and on the advice of the Cabinet of ministers of the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Acres Agricultural (SVG) Ltd., is 100 percent owned by Acres Agricultural Canada Corp., for the purposes of listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange. Working directly with the government of St Vincent & The Grenadines, the Acres team comprised of Canadian, American and Vincentian experts has been actively involved in the formation of cannabis legislation.

The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Acres Agricultural (SVG) Ltd. (“Acres”) said, “the issued top tier license for the cultivation of 300 acres, becoming a licensed producer is ready to commence operations.”

“It’s seismic not just for Acres, but for St Vincent and the Grenadines, said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Acres Agricultural Canada, Patrick Power. 

“As the leading licensed producer in the country, it gives us the opportunity to make the kind of economic and social impact that we have always wanted to make as countrymen and women, and investors.”

“Our cultivation and production of premium food-grade and pharma-grade cannabis will be a game-changer in support of the international medical market, our local economy and the daily lives of traditional farmers and their families who will benefit from sustainable wages in the new legalized environment. Along with programs to be rolled out as operations unfold, we expect to make a huge difference.”

The medicinal Cannabis industry in St Vincent and the Grenadines is regulated and controlled by the Medicinal Cannabis Authority (MCA) an independent statutory board established by parliament for transparency, accountability, and rigorous international standards.

With exceptional quality and consistency as its mainstays, the company will commence the building of its EMA, GMP, and ISSO compliant production facility and manufacturing plant (on 3.5-acres) where it will meet and exceed international standards for export. The company plans to be in full capacity flower production for the first half of 2020 while leading research and development of biomass and extracted products for US and European markets.

In addition to the exceptional Acres team comprised of seasoned cannabis and business leaders, a number of unique factors will help the company’s ability to quickly become a global supplier of organically certified medicinal cannabis. 

The perfect climate and geographical location gives an abundance of sunshine all year that will augment planned green housing; tried and tested rich volcanic soils; long history of agricultural production; an abundance of cheap water supply; over 1,500 farmers with a working experience in cultivating cannabis; easy-to-do business systems; and international air and sea access.

Reginald Spaulding, chief operating officer of Acres added, “This is the culmination of what has been an amazing year of preparation working with the traditional farmers to pave the way for success, securing premium lands for both cultivation and processing and bringing on board the most practiced and heralded cannabis scientists in the industry. Let’s go!”

Cannabis industry open doors in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Recently, the island’s minister of agriculture and industry, Saboto Caesar, embraced the milestone noting “many challenges amidst immense opportunities.”

“The journey over the past 20 months to put the legislative and administrative frameworks in place was certainly one of the most difficult, yet gratifying, tasks I have had the opportunity to lead in my career. It was not without major challenges,” minister Caesar said.

According to Acres, “Now as the leading licensed producer and soon to be exporter of cannabis plants, cannabis oil and cannabinoid-infused products in the country, Acres is primed to serve the international Medical Cannabis market. Our pharma-grade cannabis cultivation and food-grade extracted inputs will enable us to meet international requirements and global demand in the competitive Cannabis industry.”



  1. I have searched for this company up and down the Internet and on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) listings and have seen no evidence that it actually exists (apart from a probably paid-for press release — see–the-grenadines-300886720.html).

    But it is calling itself a “game-changer” in the production and export of medical marijuana in SVG even though there is no evidence that it has ever played the complex and expensive game of doing so:

    “It’s seismic not just for Acres, but for St. Vincent and the Grenadines”, said CEO of Acres Agricultural Canada, Patrick Power. “As the leading licensed producer in the country it gives us the opportunity to make the kind of economic and social impact that we have always wanted to make as country men and women, and investors. Our cultivation and production of premium food-grade and pharma-grade cannabis will be a game-changer in support of the international medical market, our local economy and the daily lives of traditional farmers and their families who will benefit from sustainable wages in the new legalized environment. Along with programs to be rolled out as operations unfold, we expect to make a huge difference.”

    All hype and no substance from a man who has just entered a highly sophisticated, very expensive, and extremely competitive global business and claims to have listed his company on the TSE, an assertion that cannot be substantiated (see

    If Acres is “the leading licensed producer in the country,” what does this say about the expertise or finances of the 20 other entities that were also given licenses to grown medical marijuana this week (

    Some “game-changer.”

  2. If St. Vincent can’t freely (i.e., without huge subsidies and trade preferences) compete in the tropical-world international banana industry, how could it possibly compete in the far more expensive and technologically and scientifically complex medical marijuana industry, an enterprise that can be established anywhere in the world because the highest quality is obtained by growing the plants in tightly controlled indoor facilities to ensure optimal levels of heat, light, humidity, fertilizer and water?

    See the following recent news piece about the medical marijuana industry in Jamaica which proves that St. Vincent’s industry, not even in its infancy, will never even reach childhood ( Jamaica has more land, lower production costs, better infrastructure, real foreign investment, and a far better marijuana reputation.

    All St. Vincent has is a cynical government-supported propaganda campaign based on the false claim that the cannabis industry will bring untold riches to the country.

  3. I have searched for this company also unless it is brand new and not yet searchable in the records there is something seriously wrong.

    Probably more corruption involved here the whole matter stinks to high heavens again.

    First we have a chef presented to us a leading marijuana professor. Now this crap, another unknown entity.

    Can someone please give us the name and address of the corporation that the gluttons have signed a 300 acre licence deal with. Then we can go on Google Earth and look at their headquarters and manufacturing plant.

    Stinks, just stinks.

  4. G.T. here, what a good idea Nancy, lets look at their facilities on Google Earth, also does anyone know who the Vincentians are who are involved? Is Storm involved? If we know the names and address’s of the Vincentians we can look at their homes on Google Earth as well.

    Does anyone really think that corruption is involved?

  5. Frankly this looks like another Gonsalves case of no due diligence. Remember Dave Ames he was another who had no due diligence investigation against him.

    Acres Agricultural Canada Corp. is a Not available corporation type , which located at 283 Dalhousie Street Suite 200 Ottawa ON K1N 7E5 Canada. It was registered on 15-Jan-2019, the corporation’s bn is 715288114 and corporation number is 11198912. There is one director of this company [PATRICK POWER]. This corporation record status is : Active . Acres Agricultural Canada Corp. has been running for 6 months, and 18 days.

    Home Address:
    3 ‘Chemin’ Mathew Road
    QC J9B 1Y2
    Canada Value of property $150k

    Has an accommodation office address at
    SUITE 200
    Canada There are dozens if not hundreds of business’s using this
    accommodation address.

    Patrick Power has been the sole director of many limited liability corporations
    Several have been delisted for non-compliance.

    Some of the companies are/or were registered at the home address.

  6. It would be interesting to know if this company has a Canadian licence to import marijuana derived products into Canada.

    That would be part of the due diligence also.

  7. What is the intention of ACRES where are they going to send there product to?

    The question has to be asked why can I do a 10 minute due diligence and come up with so much information that the Gonsalves dynast government cannot, why?

    Import and export of marijuana into and out of Canada is basically banned because it can undermine the regime’s public health and safety objectives by exacerbating risks related to higher inventory levels, large shipments over long distances and the inability to apply Canada’s strict security requirements beyond Canada’s borders. Potential risks are further elevated due to the fact that imported product cannot be subject to the same level of quality-focused on-site inspections. The Canadian government require inspection by a government appointed inspectorate of the crop during its growth. They have decided crops grown outside Canada cannot be subjected to that control.

    The government bulletin clarifies that the Department does not support facilitating a regime premised on servicing global demand given the associated public health, safety and security risks. For the above reasons, importation and exportation would only be permitted under very limited circumstances, such as, importing starting materials for a new Licensed Canadian Producer in Canada or exporting a unique marijuana strain for scientific investigation in a foreign laboratory.

    i.e. If a newly licensed Canadian grower requires product before his own crop is ready for market he may get a import license as a one off assistance.

    Any licensed party who chooses to submit an import or export permit application should expect these to be assessed in view of this bulletin, taking into account previous mentioned relevant considerations and further including:

    Canada’s obligations under international treaties.
    Whether the application is consistent with the relevant provisions in the MMPR or the NCR.

    For export permits, whether the country of final destination has issued an import permit
    Risks to public safety and security including the risks of diversion.


  8. That renowned man of letters Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus commonly known as Erasmus once wrote, quote; “The highest form of bliss is living with a certain degree of folly.” However, the lure of money often produce much folly among grubby politicians!

    The English philosopher and prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era Herbert Spencer once wrote, quote; “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.”

    Hence despite the growing and overwhelming evidence of Cannabis-induced psychosis, this act by our Vincentian Government, can only be seen as an act of utter folly. For one notes that Cannabis-induced psychosis has reached crisis levels, in Britain forcing their National Health Service to open the first clinic specifically treating addicts of this mind-altering drug.

    Is the Vincentian administration ignorant of this fact, one doubts it! Samuel Johnson, often referred to as just Dr. Johnson that English writer, moralist, literary critic, biographer and lexicographer once wrote, quote; “He that reads and grows no wiser seldom suspects his own deficiency, but complains of hard words and obscure sentences, and asks why books are written which cannot be understood.” The question now is, do our Government understand their act of folly or is the economics of Cannabis License the overriding factor at play here!


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