Letter: Policies before politics


Dear Sir:

Creative ideas and policies, to address and to better lifestyles, must be the driving force strengthening any candidate and party messages, to improve local and national politics.

A futuristic manifesto, a strategic plan, structured on human rights; inclusive of birth and child rights and supported by economic rights. Requiring Lawmakers, elected and selected, to legislate, oversee, investigate and strengthen, constitutional rights, make new laws, rules and regulations, which can be defended.

The judiciary elected or appointed to interpret the existing laws, to judge adherence and punish wrongdoers of the orders which governs society. And the executive selected and elected to operate within the existing law, to develop, implement and change public policies. Hence, calling for policies before politics as the national governmental structure.

Human rights are delivered and strengthen by the aforementioned branches of government and through public discourse, delivering the right to security, healthcare and education.

Security at home, work, within communities and the nation with foreign and local protection by military and police forces. Healthcare based on; clean purified air; surface, ground and desalination, quality and quantity water; for plant and animal farming; for human consumption, nutrition, sanitation and wastewater treatment; for primary and emergency treatment; to build and sustain both mental and physical wellness. Education to cultivate and sustain a lifelong love of learning, producing educators and caregivers to support, train and replace society’s current developers, inspirers, administrators and builders. Basic life issues to support a progressive human society.

Sex education will be learnt anyway, from pairs or incorporated in a general science curriculum with home and religious moral relationships lessons, by all coming up in society. Birth control choices should be exposed to all engaging in sexual activities, to manage the life of individuals in taking proper responsibility for children. Abortions and adoptions should not be kept in the illegal dangerous (trip and fall wards) back rooms, but should and must be available, under well-defined safe health positions, to protect the rights of individuals. Such birth rights are heavily divisive in most societies and must be discussed and voted upon by all in society; to its base issue. Hence, defining when do individual’s rights upstage reproduction issues.

Abuse is the most common issue and problem in the regular childhood experience, resulting in similar behavior being pass on from generation to generation.

Lack of trained adult supervision generally causes education and guidance to be sourced from other equal or lesser developed beings. Adult supervision, bullying, family and gang life provides leadership and structure, so yearn for by every child, as it grows within society.

Child rights, incorporating security, healthcare and education, must produce adult human beings, which are instinctively taught to protect the next generation.

Hence, hopefully increasing tolerance and wisdom among each other and with each new generation and progressing society to continuously improve development issues.

The assignment of naturally occurring, environmental-ecological resources together with human, man-made technological, resources, both counts as wealth, measured by money.

Ego and greed can be, to some extent, very productive and can benefit society, however, these benefits can be kept for a few, while disadvantaging the many, creating (crime and insurrection) a dangerous wealth gap. Narrowing this wealth gap will eliminate abject poverty, everybody will have access to food, healthcare, shelter, transport, which can reduce social services public expenditure and strengthen the economy.

Society’s wealthy will invest and grow the economy, generate corporate and individual taxes, contributing to surplus national revenue. The middle-class earners will spend and consume products creating more jobs and opportunities and pay additional sales taxes.

While, make work, minimum living wage, helicopter money, and other economic rights strategies, to formally distribute public funds, deposited directly in every resident’s bank account as an economic stimulant, can close the gap and create a happy society.

Terrance A. Jennings



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