Range Developments support promising cricketer from Dominica’s national team

Brian Joseph, promising cricketer

ROSEAU, Dominica – Range Developments is pleased to be supporting the career aspirations of an up and coming young cricket player from Dominica’s national team.  

Brian Joseph, 22, hails from the North-Eastern village of Marigot on the island of Dominica and is one of only a few to be making his name as a cricketer of note from the village. His incredible talent was obvious from a tender age when he was selected to pay for the Dominica under-13 cricket team and went on to represent both the Windward Islands and Dominica at various different levels. 

However, pursuing the sport is a costly affair with sports equipment costing thousands of dollars for a full kit. Range Developments has helped Brian – who is also an employee – by paying for his entire kit so that he can continue participating in tournaments as well as practice his skills on a regular basis.

Joseph is very thankful of Range Developments support said: 

“I’ve been playing cricket for the past ten years and my dream is to get involved in first-class cricket and play at the highest level. I’m working towards the 2020 Windward Island senior tournament where I am looking to represent Dominica and am very thankful for the support I have received from Range Developments.”

Joseph is currently on the Dominica under-23 team, which is scheduled to tour Barbados later in the year. He has won a number of awards in recent years including ‘Most Valuable Player’ in a T20 tournament in the British Virgin Islands where he represented Virgin Gorda. 

Emmanuel Nanthan, head of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) program and chairman of Dominica Cricket Academy said: 

“Joseph is a very promising young cricketer. He has represented Dominica and the Windward Islands at the youth level, and we expect good things of him in the future…he is an aggressive fast bowler and a competent middle order batsman. We wish him well!”

Range Developments has an active interest in supporting projects which encourage young people to develop their skills and potential for the future. 

Previous initiatives for the benefit of youth have included funding scholarships for underprivileged students; providing free school equipment to hundreds of school children as well as providing significant financial support to CALLS – an educational centre which provides teaching and guidance for young people who are unable to continue their studies at school due to poor performance in exams. 

Moreover, Range Developments has just received an award from calls for its ‘outstanding support and contribution’ towards their work after hurricane Maria, which enabled the centre to re-open and allow students to continue their studies.



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