Letter: Our Tsunami of political hatred


Dear Sir:

Several Old Testament Books describe the deliverance of the enslaved Israelites from their captivity in Egypt. Instructed by God, saved by His miracles, and lead by an earthly Moses, Yahweh’s Chosen People were eventually delivered to the Promised Land of milk and honey.

But their 40-year wandering through the desert was not easy, especially given the amount of internal betrayal by quarrelsome naysayers and seditious backstabbers. Chief among these were Korah and his supporters who rebelled against their own people at every turn.

According to Numbers, chapter 16:

“… Korah became insolent and rose up against Moses…. Then Moses said, ‘This is how you will know that the Lord has sent me to do all these things ….’ As soon as he finished saying all this, the ground under them split apart and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them and their households… They went down alive into the realm of the dead…; the earth closed over them, and they perished and were gone from the community.”

We, in St Vincent and the Grenadines, have our own version of rude Korah. Her name is Luzette “Tsunami” King, a loud and prominent political activist said to be waging a years-long “lost patronage” vendetta against the Prime Minister. Now she has led a band of Vincentians hell-bent on subverting any effort made by our modern-day Moses, the country’s long-serving prime minister, Ralph Everard Gonsalves, to bring us some badly needed milk and honey.

This is the heartless woman who begged for a tidal wave of Biblical proportions to destroy Argyle International Airport during its construction phase, an evil supplication that chronic sceptics of the airport’s viability like myself could never have wished for.

This is the same silly woman who tried to beguile New Democratic Party (NDP)fanatics with her illogical and extra-legal claim that the 2015 elections were stolen by the Unity Labour Party (ULP) because, “The ULP cannot prove to Vincentians and the world, beyond any doubt, that they did not steal the elections.”

Who could possibly believe such a specious claim when formal logic says it is invalid to argue that an assertion must be assumed to be true (“the election was stolen”) because it has not yet been shown to be false.

Moreover, when a party that asserts a claim (election theft) that another party disputes (the ULP’s claim of free and fair elections), the party proposing the first claim has to prove it.

And only the most ill-informed person and their doltish believers would not know that election petitions are judged by the civil case standard of a “balance of probability” and that even criminal actions require conviction on a lower bar of “beyond a reasonable doubt,” not her absurd “beyond any doubt” standard.

So, this is the unpatriotic woman who recently betrayed our beloved country by sending a letter to several international bodies protesting SVG’s attempt to secure a two-year term on the prestigious and powerful United Nations Security Council (UNSC), as obliquely referred to by Sir Ronald Sanders when he wrote, “That enmity was evident in the failed last-ditch effort to cause St Vincent and the Grenadines to lose its election bid.”

Of this malicious effort, the editor of Searchlight newspaper, the country’s leading tabloid, wrote that “Those who were coaxed into affixing their signatures to this nefarious letter should be ashamed.

It is nothing but a betrayal of our country, a slimy attempt to use petty politics to smear our country’s name at the time of maximum exposure. We roundly condemn the effort and call on those who continue to give succour and shelter to such persons, the opposition NDP in particular, to strongly disassociate themselves from this disgraceful initiative.”

Fortunately, Ms King’s treacherous exhortation failed and SVG received a whopping 187 of the 193 votes in its category to become the smallest nation on June 3 ever elected to the UNSC.

Most of all, this woman is also a poster child for the Tsunami of political malice that slowly but surely is destroying our sense of national unity. While both parties are to blame, it is her NDP that has been consumed with this destructive emotion since 2001.

It is a sad day indeed when so many people hate their leader – yes, Dr Ralph Gonsalves is the leader of all Vincentians – more than they love their country.

This loathing is sure to grow in a Party for which this miracle-like international honour, and any financial and other benefits that may flow from it like Biblical milk and honey, must be a devastating shock, even a death blow. This explains why it took nearly three days for the NDP to acknowledge that it “takes great pride” in this achievement of a Security Council seat: the hierarchy of the party now knows that it has lost any chance of being propelled to power in the next election.

As for this champion of Tsunamis and the 67 person rabble who also signed her despicable letter, will their NDP comrades have the courage and integrity to do what the Lord did to Korah and his misguided followers, if only in a less lethal fashion, namely excommunicate any who are members of this once proud and honourable Party while publicly scolding the rest?

Two weeks have passed, as of this writing, and the Party has said nothing. This silence speaks volumes to the sway this woman has over the hapless NDP’s grassroots supporters.

C. ben-David



  1. Its all very well slagging off Ms King David, she is brave enough to use her own name and be upfront with everything she does and says. Unlike you who uses someone else’s name and persona and hides in the cowardice of that fake being, with fake news to sell.

    You David and so many like you are a coward of the first order.

    • The difference is David my name is real but used only two of my initials, first and last. Your name belongs to someone else.

      I do that because I live at Dorsetshire Hill and my two daughters work in Government departments, they want to keep their jobs.

      You do it for different reasons, because you worry about yourself being caught and punished, but you also do it for the thrill of becoming someone else, using someone else’s identity.

      • There are three types of mentality among the people of the world: Small-minded people discuss mainly other people. Average-minded people discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.

        You are very small minded to be uninterested in my ideas but preoccupied with my identity.

        It doesn’t matter who I am — whether I am a disabled transgender Chinese lesbian cross-dresser or whatever. Who would or should care who I am, unless they are small minded.

        All that is important are my facts and ideas and whether they are interesting, accurate, or useful. Or not. And why.

  2. Watch the kettle calling the pot black!

    You are just like the preacher railing against fornication while sleeping with half the woman in the congregation.

    Which part of the word “hypocrite” can you understand.


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