Strategic planning and diaspora development integral to Jamaica’s economy

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, addressing the launch of the 8th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora conference at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston on Sunday, June 16, 2019.

By Caribbean News Now contributor

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Addressing the launch of the 8th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora conference at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston June 16, Prime Minister Andrew Holness emphasised the participation of the diaspora to Jamaica’s national development particularly in the areas of education and health.

The prime minister said that something was occurring that is positive in the diaspora but more than that, Jamaicans must never minimise the significance of their diaspora in guaranteeing that the economy of Jamaica continues influential.

Through the diaspora so far this year, Jamaica has observed a milestone of forty current projects initiated in contrast to preceding years where the figures were under ten.

In that respect, Holness declared his appreciation to the representatives of the diaspora for their faithful assistance in Jamaica’s development.

The health clinics and hospitals that the diaspora have assisted, the many operations that you have championed and medical missions that you have taken your time to cooperate in, Holness declared that Jamaica could not put a financial value on that.

In the meantime, Holness asserted, the Jamaican government is appreciative and inspired by the diaspora efforts in its endeavours to develop Jamaica.

Holness told the diaspora not to join this argument that there isn’t constructive engagement with the diaspora – the diaspora is an organic body, it operates on its rhythm, it will work even better with government coordination but even without government coordination, you are Jamaican, some of you by birth, some of you by association, some from the generations and you understand the vibration of Jamaica and you want to feel a part of that to give forward.

Holness urged those in the audience to “keep that special Jamaicaness, that vibration that keeps us together.”

Meanwhile, the prime minister has emphasised the crucial significance of strategic development planning, at a meeting with Michael Møller, the director general of the United Nations office in Geneva.

Holness remarked that Jamaica has always been aligned through the development goal process and Jamaica established its national development framework, Vision 2030. The prime minister said the national goals are also aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In that respect, Moller embraced the prime minister’s nomination to co-chair along with France and Qatar UN Climate initiative to allocate money for climate financing by 2020.

The prime minister remarked that his position is not only about mobilising global resources but also mobilising global attention to the problem of climate change.

Holness also engaged with Roberto Azevêdo, the director general of the World Trade Organization.

The talks centred on trade of the future, which involves the digital economy. Holness remarked that numerous nations will now have to wrestle with the effects of a borderless economy and business and they must discover inventive ways to guarantee that digital platforms are organised but also reliable and protected.

Holness concluded his visit with a meeting with the diplomatic communities and diaspora in Switzerland.

Earlier, the prime minister had been requested to deliver the keynote address at the 108th International Labour Conference on the occurrence of the International Labour Organisation centenary.



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