The passing of a legend: Barry Randall

Barry Randall

By Caribbean News Now editorial team

MIAMI, USA, — On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, Barry Randall the legendary managing editor and publisher of Caribbean News Now, returned to the great architect of the universe.

Barry had an extraordinary art-form for his writing – just the facts. His infectious passion, spirit and nonchalance summed up his many edits and punchy news stories that caught countless persons to merit his attention.

Barry was an inspiration to many. He cracked up quite a few, including those burdened with the world’s most serious jobs, that are not kind to being exposed, of their invalid personas.

“He embodied the journalistic mission to speak truth to power and give voice to the voiceless. What’s more, he suffered dire consequences stoically for speaking that truth.

“Truth be told, every Caribbean head of state over the past twenty years will tell you that he/she either felt the sting of his pen or spent years dreading it. And I am just one of many whose causes he championed for the public good.

“But Barry’s derring-dos for truth and justice were equally matched by his willing sacrifices for love and friendship,” Anthony Hall.

He was a brave English-American who proved his mettle. He was determined of intolerant or contradiction and immune to compromise. Efficiency was his key-word – get it done – press on!

On that solemn morning, Anthony Haiden wrote:

“Barry was regarded as a visionary leader by anyone who ever worked with him. His contribution to the field during his years of dedicated and selfless service were many and varied.

“He has been the most renowned voice in the Caribbean. He took it upon himself to highlight and bring into the international media the concerns of the Caribbean community that has been marginalized by the late 80’s withdrawal of the United States from the Caribbean.

“He fought the big fight for the small people. He was an honest man, a guardian of freedom of expression and truth. His passing will leave a big dent in the field of journalism and in the lives of the people and he will be truly missed.”

Helen Grenade captured Barry’s self-confidence and legend grammatically perfect English with an unyielding British accent wrote:

“Barry captured exuberance, he was a legend, a talented soul. He was wise and courageous, an honest man, an optimist. He had a transformative effect on Journalism and was one of the most famous and influential writers of his generation. He made significant contributions to race and civil rights movements. His eloquent voice spoke of the pain and struggle of black America and the Caribbean.”

Barry Randall a Mapou from and for the Caribbean has passed away, Jean H Charles inquired; “The Diaspora has lost a giant, a Mapou (a giant tree that lasts for centuries), to use the colloquium in the Creole language,” adding,  “ He did command us to elevate our aspirations to that hill,” Charles said.

Caribbean Financial Network News, Claudette de la Haye wrote:

“Barry was our gatekeeper, defender of his writers, defender of public truth and an entrepreneurial wizard at running his business and, we all marvelled at his legal dexterity, sales and marketing agility.

“I give him thanks for his extraordinary visionary, legal stewardship and sense of hilarious wonder.

“Barry you’ve had a fine innings at the crease, my friend. You’ve bowled a few maidens over, defended us as journalists when Caribbean politicians cried foul, attempting to shut us up, or sue us and, to your credit you employed American umpires from the US Congress to defend our freedom of speech.”

In the company of the Saints, save a pint for us. Defend us in battle against the challengers of truth and the unrighteous. You are in our hearts and minds of many, that are eternally grateful for your service.

Eternal peace to you and family.



  1. Thanks for your piece Caribbean News Now team; fitting as today would have been his 72nd birthday. As well as being his daughter I also worked with him as a colleague on editorial from time to time and on various projects for clients across the Caribbean. Thank you to those who have been in touch for your kind thoughts and wishes over the past week.

  2. My heart is so heavy; not only for myself, but for the world. Barry was truly a legend in his time. He was my mentor and friend. He gave me my first news assignment; he believed in me. The world; especially the Caribbean, is a much better place because of his passion for the truth and betterment of life.
    Rest in Peace my friend…


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