Letter: The passing of our dear friend Barry Randall

Barry Randall former managing editor of Caribbean News Now.

Dear Sir:

The news of the passing of our dear Barry Randall has deeply saddened me and I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the bereaved family, friends, and colleagues.

I have known Barry since 2011 when I first ventured into the Caribbean. From then on, he has been one of my closest friends and he was a guardian angel to me.

Barry was regarded as a visionary leader by anyone who ever worked with him. His contribution to the field during his years of dedicated and selfless service were many and varied.

He has been the most renowned voice in the Caribbean. He took it upon himself to highlight and bring into the international media the concerns of the Caribbean community that has been marginalized by the late 80’s withdrawal of the United States from the Caribbean.

He fought the big fight for the small people. He was an honest man, a guardian of freedom of expression and truth.

His passing will leave a big dent in the field of journalism and in the lives of the people and he will be truly missed.

With my deepest sympathy,

Anthony Haiden



  1. To My Dear Colleagues all over the World, Elected Political Officials, Friend & Family,

    My name is Claudette de la Haye, Founder & Owner of Caribbean Financial Network News, Detroit MI and I wish to convey my deepest condolences in the passing of our beloved editor Barry Randall, formerly of Port St Lucy, FL.

    Barry was for all practical purpose my editorial ‘Artful Dodger”, my journalistic meuse masterly in his delivery – truly a journalists journalist. We all craved joustful debates with him and the art of his showmanship was this uncanny ability to juggle editorial, error and ommissions all while focussing in on the facts, razing hell with detractors whom, were clueless or even worse, didn’t make sense as they fought their political battle royalties with Barry.

    Quite simply put there was “no sense with political nonsense’ when it came to integrity of Caribbean News Now!

    Barry was our gatekeeper, defender of his writers, defender of public truth and an entrepreneurial wizard at running his business and, we all marveled at his legal dexterity, sales and marketing agility. A matter of fact he is the main reason why I started Caribbean Financial Network News and there is no doubt he single handedly motivated me into the business woman that I am today.

    He saw my vision for Caribbean Media and in his finals months of life on December 20th, 2018 (day before my birthday) he informed me that he was ill but, neither of us anticipated such a drastic medial decline. In a ferocious race against time with instinct and Barry’s blessing we knew it was time to take Caribbean news to a whole knew level and, with all the knowledge and wherewithall that Barry had mentored me with I took the gauntlet and ran! I give him thanks for his extraordinary visionary, legal stewardship and sense of hilarious wonder.

    As Managing Editor, Barry’s frequented remarks of Minister Lisa Hanna (Jamaica) and her inextricable beauty carried far greater weight than the oppositions in Parliament, especially out of session consistent with her beach activities. And, I can assure you any woman would be envious of such editorial exposee – politician or not Barry loved Lisa Hanna and he would have loved to have met her.

    So, in closing all I have to say is that, “Barry you’ve had a fine innings the crease, my friend. You’ve bowled a few maidens over, defended us as journalists when Caribbean politicians cried foul attempting to shut us up or sue us and, to your credit you employed American Umpires from the U.S. Congress to defend our freedom of speech. Good on you mon and, I will never forget your kindness in my journey as a journalist and I expect to do you proud at CFNN and beyond in defending the people of the Caribbean.

    It was at 1.30am that I came into my office and I sat down today tired at my desk to work and, just as you got your wings to go to the pearly gates of heaven I felt your presence in my room as I was reading our past coresspondences and, there was this ‘gentle tap on my shoulder’ as if you were trying to to get my attention but, I felt you and I know you were saying, “Goodbye Claudette” and, when I looked up there was an unusual chilly breeze in the room and, it is then, that I realized you were gone.

    You are in a better place Barry – no more suffering, no more deadlines, no more calls on hold but, I’m sure you will be trading your usual barbs and enjoying our contributions to Caribbean News Now.

    Barry \you’ve done your best and indeed taught us well. It is up to us to take Caribbean Media to a whole knew other level and I’m up for the challenge Barry and the preparations for this new era would not be possible without your blessings and mentorship.

    Save a pint for all of us when you get to heaven as we salute you down here on earth. You are in our hearts and minds and we are eternally grateful for the time you spent with us… God rest your soul Barry and rest in eternal peace.

    Graciously and Lovingly Yours,
    Claudette de la Haye
    Owner & Editor-in-Chief
    Caribbean Financial Network News &
    Contributor, Craibbean News Now
    Detroit, MI USA

  2. I never met Barry face-to-face, which I regret, but we had a couple of telephone conversations and many e-mail exchanges on various topics.

    His journalistic skills, curiousity, professionalism, and impartiality will be greatly missed.

    He was clearly a man of integrity which is why he was one of very few people to whom I confided my true identity.

    My condolences to his family and all who knew him well.


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