Letter: Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago welcomes new political initiatives


Dear Sir:

The launch of the latest political entity in Trinidad and Tobago, the Patriotic Front, is good news.  

The Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago welcomes new political initiatives as at the very least it widens the debate and reduces the focus on race.  It is reported in one of the daily newspapers that Deputy Political Leader of the UNC David Lee is quoted as saying “They are just spoilers in my view.  They cannot win an election.” One can conclude that such comments in the absence of data to support such a position is wishful thinking or that of a desperate hope that the two major political parties remain pertinent to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

After decades of voting based on the racial composition of the two major political parties, it would be refreshing to have the conversation change to the things that really matter to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.  

Discussions on whose race is more politically dominant can be replaced with seeking the best political operational structure that can bring about positive results to the people. The Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago (DPTT) will like to see the general election determined by which political organization has the best personnel and plans to deal with the challenges that our nation faces at this time in our development.

Now is the time for the discussion to be focused on long term economic planning, new jobs outside of the politically tainted temporary CEPEP and URP jobs, local government transformation, reforms to the judicial system to ensure that justice is timely and fair, prison reform that allows for those convicted of crime to be afforded the opportunity to be reformed and integrated into the society, disaster preparedness, reliable water management and the plethora of critical and pertinent issues that are necessary in the rebuilding of our nation.  

New political parties offer the people of Trinidad and Tobago an opportunity to end the reign of those who thrive on the inefficiencies and incompetence of the governments offered by the two major political parties. They allow for the introduction of new ideas, modern solutions to old problems and new personnel in the management of our state enterprises.

The dream of new highways, clean and safe communities, reliable water distribution, aesthetically pleasing landscapes, modern tourist facilities, a well packaged carnival, modern marketing and promotion of the steel pan, permanent jobs for our young graduates, homes for the new homeowners, planned maintenance of our infrastructure, development of our off-shore islands, new roadway to Chaguaramas, preservation of our heritage sites and buildings, respect and care for our ageing population and self-reliant communities is not possible with the two major political parties.  

They traditionally have not been elected to office based on any promise for national development. New political parties offer that possibility.

It is time to end the era of divisiveness, fear and inefficiency that has led us to be seen as a nation where money passes through like a dose of salts.  The debate on which government is more corrupt is no longer applicable when there are viable alternatives.

God bless our nation.

Steve Alvarez
Political Leader of The Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago



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