St Kitts-Nevis judge rules it’s legal for citizens to smoke marijuana

St Kitts-Nevis marijuana

By Caribbean News Now contributor

BASSETERRE, St Kitts – The government of St Kitts and Nevis has been given a time frame as of Friday by a High Court judge to amend the drug laws in the twin-island federation after determining at least two provisions of the Drugs Act were unconstitutional concerning possession and cultivation.

Information from local sources revealed that Justice Eddy Ventose in the landmark ruling had given the Harris administration 60 days to amend the drug act, declaring that Rastafarians have a right to smoke in privacy as part of their religion.

It has also been confirmed that the matter was taken to court by Sankofa Maccabbee who represented himself against the attorney general.

The attorney general Vincent Byron has been given 90 days to comply with the landmark court ruling. The ruling does not pertain only to Rastafarians using marijuana but anyone who uses it in the privacy of their home.

Judge Ventose’s ruling also implications for persons awaiting trial, presently serving time and who were previously convicted under the two provisions concerning cultivation and possession.

More information and clarification are to come from the release of the written judgment.



  1. Well, this is madness. It is one thing to rule a law or part unconstitutional but to give the government a deadline to write new laws sounds new.

    • It is about time that we face the realities of life. Nothing is new under the sun. There comes a time when enough is enough.


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