Letter: What is the media’s agenda with the commissioner of police in Trinidad and Tobago?


Dear Sir:

Is the media vexed with the commissioner of police Gary Griffith because of a raid on a media house? Applying pressure to him because they are worried about the heavy hand of the law? Okay, let’s follow that logic.

Where’s the pressure on the attorney general who just piloted a law that makes every citizen of this country guilty until proven innocent and subject to seizure of everything they own without warrant or cause?

Where’s Dominic Kalipersad and the rest of the bought and paid for media on that same Faris al Rawi and the $23 million he and his family are about to steal from the treasury for a building we do not need and that they could not otherwise give away?

Where’s the pressure for Keith Rowley and AV OIL and the 100 million in fake oil?

Where’s the pressure for Darryl Smith and the hundred and fifty thousand in public funds spent to hush a sexual harassment claim?

Where’s the pressure on the entire cabinet for stealing three million dollars to pay bills for Maxie Cuffie that they did not have the authority to spend and he did not have the entitlement to receive? Where were the media when Maxie could not be found?

Once again, we are witnessing a PNM party group masquerading as media vilifying an investigation into their actions while failing at the most basic tenets of journalism or ethical media and distracting the public with foolishness while the dish again runs away with the spoon.

There is not one journalist, publisher or editor in this country that is deserving of people’s trust. While you may have a problem with the way Griffith carries himself when pressed, look around at every other public officeholder and every previous police commissioner, then compare him and them on performance. If you agree with the media that he is not the right man for the job, then fire him and let’s immerse ourselves fully in the madness that awaits us.

Media in this country is corrupt, deceitful and a waste of time.

Fake news pedlars for profit and copy and paste propaganda specialists were it not for social media or you would never know what is true.

Yes, he can be brash and abrasive. However, he took on a job no one else wants or can do, to clean up a corrupt and damaged police service while bringing real law enforcement to a failed nation tottering on a disaster.

When the wolf reaches your door and fear runs down your spine as you look into the face of the cheap and easy death stalking this land that could befall any of us at a moment’s notice, who are you going to call, Hema? Fazeer? Omatie Lyder? Sunity Maharaj? Who?

For the first time in a long time, people are beginning to feel that there is hope that the lawless and the criminal minded are not laws unto themselves.

His popularity with the public is stratospheric and no other public officeholder’s approval ratings cannot even come close.

Griffith needs to keep his word now and feed the media with a long spoon. He has a job to do and the best way to shut up his detractors is to do the job.

For some of you, he may not be the person you like but let’s not wait to regret any hasty decisions made now. Especially, when our future selves are forced to remind our present selves that in these circumstances, he is the man we need.

Phillip Alexander



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