Cuba offers additional medical scholarships to Barbados

Minister of Health and Wellness, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bostic greets newly appointed Cuban Ambassador to Barbados, Sergio de Jesus Jorge Pastrana at the start of their courtesy call. (M.Elcock/BGIS)

By Joy Springer

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (BGIS) — Newly appointed Cuban ambassador to Barbados, Sergio de Jesus Jorge Pastrana, has disclosed that Cuba is offering six scholarships this year to Barbadians interested in studying medicine in that country. Additionally, two scholarships are available for postgraduate studies.

He made the announcement during a courtesy call on minister of health and wellness, Jeffrey Bostic, on Monday.

Pastrana, however, raised the challenges that have faced Barbadian doctors trained in Cuba and urged Bostic to assist in finding a resolution to the problems that have prevented the doctors from being able to practice in Barbados.

Bostic told Pastrana that the issue was one which was of great concern to him, and he gave the commitment that he would do all in his power to find a solution.

“We must find a way to work together, and in collaboration with all the stakeholders here in Barbados to resolve this issue. It is one I would like to see resolved as soon as possible so that these students are not left in limbo,” Bostic said.

The two officials also discussed a number of other areas in which it was hoped to deepen cooperation. These included the possibility of Cuban nurses being recruited to work in Barbados, and the introduction of Cuban pharmaceuticals, particularly for the treatment of diabetes, into the Barbados market.

There was also discussion surrounding collaboration in the area of medical research into lifestyle diseases.



  1. Students on Cuban scholarships are expected to attend political lessons and lectures when in Cuba, where they are exposed to Marxism. If they show any enthusiasm for communism they will be selected for training whereby they can eventually return to their own countries as revolutionaries in waiting.


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