JetBlue to begin Guyana flights


By Ray Chickrie
Caribbean News Now contributor

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — After indicating its interest in adding Guyana to its network, JetBlue has made the decision to enter the Guyana market, according to media reports in Guyana on Thursday, and the Guyanese public is euphoric that a “world class airline’ will serve the NY-JFK/Georgetown market.

In the past JetBlue has said, “We are always looking to expand and fly to the places people want to go. We have no decisions regarding service to Guyana to announce at this time.”

However, on Thursday, JetBlue said in response to an email inquiry, “We are always looking to expand and fly to the places people want to go, however we have not made any public announcements regarding service in Guyana.”

This is viewed as significant because JetBlue did not deny media reports that it will enter the Guyana market — it just hasn’t made “any public announcements regarding service to Guyana.”

JetBlue officials met with the foreign affairs minister of Guyana, Carl Greenidge, in 2015, and the airline had some concerns.

Greenidge said, “The interested airline’s team (JetBlue) is looking at the traffic and facilities, safety and fuel issues and will make a decision after acquiring additional aircraft.”

Jet fuel prices at CJIA have dropped and a new and expanded Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) is scheduled to be completed by this summer.

According to the Guyana Chronicle, a state-owned newspaper, “Reports are that the company executives discussed several routes with which the airline will be establishing in the months ahead and, on Wednesday, JetBlue officials discussed the lucrative nature of the Guyana-New York route.”

The government newspaper claimed that ”JetBlue sources told Guyana Chronicle that officials are brainstorming the type of aircraft to service this route.”

Just recently American Airlines (AA) began flying to Guyana from Miami, which left the lucrative JFK/GEO route still under-served.

JetBlue flies only the Airbus and it is awaiting delivery of extended range A321s for its news 2021 transatlantic flights, and could ply the Airbus 321neo on the route because it is within the nonstop range for NYC/GEO.




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