Dominica’s CBI-funded ‘Housing Revolution’ resettles another 52 families

Bellevue Chopin Housing Programme

ROSEAU, Dominica – 52 families from the Petite Savanne community on the Caribbean island of Dominica are now proud owners of new homes in the Bellevue Chopin region. This is part of Dominica’s Housing Revolution – an initiative that aims to provide affordable and climate-resilient homes to a great deal of the population. The handing over ceremony took place on Tuesday, March 26, and was headed by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

The scheme supports families displaced by storm Erika in 2015. Last December, 38 families from the Petite Savanne community were the first ones to benefit from the resettlement project in Bellevue Chopin. An additional 190 homes are expected to be distributed amongst residents from Petite Savanne with another 110 homes dispersed across the island. Several thousands of Dominicans will move into new, modern homes this year as part of the larger housing revolution, funded entirely by Dominica’s world-leading citizenship by investment (CBI) programme.

Following 2017’s hurricane Maria, Skerrit pledged to make Dominica the “world’s first climate resilient nation”. The island’s commitment is reinforced by its attention to building sustainable homes that can withstand extreme weather events through its build back better concept.

“I am very happy because I know that this will help in the restoration of your lives, psychologically and emotionally, in particular,” Skerrit told the beneficiary families during the handing over ceremony last week.

The Housing Revolution is part of a more significant feat to construct up to 5,000 homes across Dominica. This was possible thanks to the funds generated by the island’s successful CBI programme. Since 1993, Dominica has been offering reputable global investors and their families a means of acquiring second citizenship either through a monetary contribution to the economic diversification fund (EDF) or buying into pre-approved real estate, which includes eco-friendly world-class brands and resorts.

All CBI funds help support the national advancement of the country, including infrastructural development, climate change resilience, thriving ecotourism, education, healthcare and more.

In their latest annual CBI Index, experts at the Financial Times’ professional wealth management magazine ranked Dominica as the world’s best CBI programme, highlighting its efficiency, affordability and strict due diligence procedures.




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