Cricket West Indies clears the air over former coach’s dismissal and budget issues


ST JOHNS, Antigua — Cricket West Indies (CWI) said it has never denied liability in the Phil Simmons’ dismissal affair for no other reason than to ensure an amicable resolution in the interest of CWI.

“The negotiations with former coach Simmons and his representatives are ongoing. While we have a hearing date for March 26, 2019, we are hoping to settle soon,” CWI said.

Meanwhile, the office of the president, like any other department, prepares a budget for its operations in any fiscal year. The board of directors approves the budget.

For the 2018/2019 period, a total of US$258,263 was budgeted. As of January 31, expenditure stood at $61,768. This cost includes travel.

In late 2017 the composition of the compensation committee was agreed by the board of directors. The chairman of finance, Anand Kalladeen was appointed to chair the compensation committee.

The other members were independent directors, Jennifer Nero, and Milton Samuda. chief executive officer (CEO) Johnny Grave sat in an advisory capacity. The president was not a member of the committee and did not attend any meetings of the compensation committee.

In March 2018 the committee reported to the board of directors and recommended an increase of stipends for all directors, including the president and vice president.

The recommendation was for a monthly stipend as follows:

• US$4,000 to the president

• US$2,000 to the vice president

• US$700 to all other directors

The increase is not valid unless and until approved by ordinary resolution at an annual general meeting. At no time did the president recommend a gain for himself, CWI said.

The board of directors reiterated that the president cannot and does not dictate or approve any increase in compensation or stipend for himself or other directors. He cannot and does not support the budgets for his office or CWI. Any suggestion to the contrary is inaccurate and misleading, CWI emphasised.

In the 2017/2018 period, the president’s office had a budget of US$217,604 of which US$223,923 was spent. This money has been accounted for by the office of the president.

All accounts of CWI are audited externally by international auditing firm KPMG.



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