Letter: Turks and Caicos opposition leader banned from the government-owned radio station


Dear Sir:

The people of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) know the truth of the situation. Radio Turks and Caicos (RTC) is a government-owned station. Since the Michael Misick years, it has been a dedicated functionary of the Progressive National Party (PNP). RTC manager Christopher Jarrett is a known dedicated PNP supporter and only gives lip service to being unbiased. The “Expressions” radio show has long been operated by Robert Hall, also a PNP functionary.

Hall was arrested by the British for broadcasting on RTC from a People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) demonstration that shut down the Providenciales airport road. This demonstration cost TCI tourism dollars as tourists in flight to TCI had to return to Miami. During the 2012-2016 administration of Premier Rufus Ewing and Washington Misick as financial minister, Robert Hall was appointed Speaker of the House.

“Orders from above” since August 2009 are the British, not the elected TCI government. An Interim British Government ran the TCI government 2009-2012 and in leaving have never released full authority to an elected TCI government. Washington, who had planned to retire from politics at this administration’s end, was elected PNP leader without an approved candidacy because the PNP party is near the point of dissolution and he was the only PNP with any political capital to spend.

TCI waits for the end of the now five-year-old court case of Washington’s brother, 15 other supporters and PNP functionaries 2003-2009.

The dispute of the taxes owed to the TCI government is now a court case, and comments are not advisable. The PDM government under Sharlene Cartwright Robinson published an official list of taxes owed to the TCI government. While it is unknown where the data came from, it was the Ewing and Misick government who kept the records for four long years.

Washington’s record of self-enrichment at the expense of the population is well-known. As a former CEO of the failed TCI Bank, which was primarily capitalized by the people’s pension fund, which lost $23.5 million. Other millions coming from Eastern Caribbean nations have been given priority over local investors. PNP governments awarded Washington US$500,000 as retroactive retirement for a period when he was not indeed retired.

The PNP government purchased the Washington-owned residence in Grand Turk for twice its asking price. The wooden building, which had been on the market for years, was termite invested. After Misick received the funds, the building got destroyed in a fire. An inside source revealed that years later the deed remains in Washington’s name. Other private ventures run by Misick have also failed.

Perhaps the return of Shaun Malcolm to the PNP is most significant. Malcolm is well-known as a self-proclaimed political expert. Malcolm is also known for his false political statements. The TCI Weekly News, which was known as an unbiased political posture, is now showing indications of favoritism to the PNP.

David Tapfer



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