Caribbean-controlled company ready to supply entire region with hemp seeds


DENVER, USA — Caribbean-controlled hemp and cannabis industry participant, CBDxr and parent company, American Hemp Ventures (AMHV) is now in a prime position to supply the entire Caribbean with hemp and cannabis seeds to move the region towards the goal of healthy cultivation of the growing global hemp and cannabis industry and for his firm to become the preeminent seed to sale company in the Western Hemisphere.

CBDxr director, Dominican born Elvis “Papi” Edwards, said that his company has just been given the green light to begin export outside of the United States — where his company is based — to supply the world with healthy seeds for hemp and marijuana cultivation.

Edwards said that the next growth market for hemp and cannabis cultivation is in the Caribbean, and has a sentimental spot for struggling economies in the region with himself being a citizen of Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda.

In the most recent past, Edwards and his team members have had fruitful discussions with governments and people within their value chain while refining their multi-product business and are ready to take their efforts to another level for the Caribbean.

Alongside AMHV, CBDxr helps to provide consultancy services to private growers, wholesalers and most importantly, governments and municipalities on what are the most effective ways to monitor and regulate the budding hemp and cannabis industry, considering his and his team’s 35 years plus of experience in the business at the ground level and also at the corporate level.

Edwards’ firm CBDxr along with AMHV, made history in December by being the first Caribbean controlled cannabis company to launch on the Over the Counter Market (OTC) where their stock can now be publicly traded.

As of now, the company’s stock is now trading at $6.75 per share and growing.




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