Letter: PNM tagging the PP as over-spenders


Dear Sir:

The People’s National Movement (PNM) is obsessed with tagging the Kamla Persad-Bissessar-led People’s Partnership (PP) government as over-spenders.

It seems to me if you have money in the treasury to spend, then you should spend it! The PP spent the money on highways, roads, hospitals, schools and national safety apparatus.

They also gave increases to pensioners and those in need of social welfare so they can perhaps improve their nutrition.

The PP could be faulted for overspending only with giving prizes of $1 million to the winners of calypso and chutney soca monarch competitions. But that too may have benefitted the arts which Keith Rowley loves, by way of attracting a better quality, more and younger participants.

Clearly, the expenditure of the PP was commensurate with the income available to them, and the country as a whole benefitted. So what really is the motive behind PNM’s hue and cry about overspending?

Perhaps they are upset that they have less available to spend on paintings to adorn their homes and offices; less to buy BMWs for each minister and senator and friend, and less to pump into their personal saving accounts as has been the PNM habit.

For me, the PNM should focus on planning for which they lacked foresight to do over the last three years, in order to justify their existence in government. The PNM ought to make a mark not by petulantly attributing useless labels like “over-spenders” to their worthy opponents, but by actually using the resources at their disposal to generate service and goods the citizenry needs.

Oh, but then Keith might have to call Kamla to get a crash course on how to do that. He should call her soon.

Shalima Mohammed
Couva, Trinidad



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