The best strategies for successful online poker


More and more people in Germany are playing poker. Many say poker is better on the Internet at one of the many online casinos. The ingenious thing about virtual casinos is that you no longer have to leave the house, can play with people from all over the world and within seconds switch to another game. This doesn’t even have to be a game of chance anymore, because on the extensive platforms numerous entertainment games from the genre Strategy, Jump and Run or Arcade like the classics Pac Man or Tetris. But most of the customers of online casinos play poker.

In order for newcomers to the platforms to be able to play poker successfully from day one, here are the best tips. In addition, there is a brief explanation of what to look out for when choosing a reputable online casino.

The difference between poker and online poker

The most obvious difference is that in real poker you can sit at the table with the players and look them in the face. This is not the case with online poker. You are sitting at a virtual table. The opponents are displayed with their profile picture and username, as well as the number of chips they still have. You can even chat with the players, but that’s not necessarily the case, especially in large tournaments where a lot of money is involved. Since you only see the profile pictures of the other players, but not themselves, an important aspect, which is very much present in real poker, is omitted. While the pros are able to bluff so well that everyone really thinks they have the best possible hand, they do not. But not every poker player can do that. But whether you can or can’t, in online poker you could literally scream with joy if you have a good hand and nobody would notice. That’s the crucial difference in online poker.

The basis for a good online poker game is the online casino

Unlike real casinos, which only exist in larger cities, you can search for an online casino in rural areas on the Internet and find a wide range of offers. Meanwhile there are several hundred providers, with which one can create an account. However, some caution is required. In the past there have been cases of fraud. The personal and account data of the customers were sold and even abused. The deposited amounts were stolen by the money disappeared from the account, games were rewritten so that one could not win, no matter how often and with how much money one played or also by the fact that when one has finally won a game, the profit could not be paid out. The end of the song was in principle always the same, you lost the deposited money, could not win, could not be paid out or the credit card was misused by third parties.

To protect yourself against this and to visit an online casino without worries, there are the following points. Every online casino needs a valid gambling license. This is presented together with certificates, which originate among other things from the TÜV, on the starting side. If these cannot be found, then in no case create an account there or deposit money. Customer opinions should always be read on several platforms together with trustworthy test reports. There have already been cases of fake customer ratings. If you pay attention to these quality criteria you are on the safe side. More information about security at online casinos can be found at

The best strategies for success in online poker

Once you have found a good and trustworthy online casino and deposited some money, there is usually a welcome bonus from the provider. This means there is more money in your account than you have deposited. You should be careful with the money, especially at the beginning. The first and most important rule for long-term success in online poker is to play with small amounts of money. Low Stakes calls itself playing with small employments. That means in plain language that if one has €100 on the user account, does not enter for instance with €30 or even more into the first play.

Experienced players and experts for online poker indicate that the ideal sum, for the first plays, lies with approximately one euro and under it. Even if you lose the first games, the losses are limited and if you have the said €100 in your account, you can play one hundred poker games, even if you lose all of them.

Time will come money will come

Of course, that’s not the goal of losing every single game you play, but in principle that’s not possible. After the first few games, you know the peculiarities of online poker and have enough experience to successfully participate in games and tournaments. The more experience you have and the more success you have, the more tables you can play. This is what the pros like to do in order to make more winnings faster. But for the beginning you should concentrate on only one table. Whether virtual or real poker games, both can take a long time. Therefore one should look for an undisturbed place to play and also provide for sufficient time. This prevents you from making mistakes through haste and imprudence.

Creating success with order

The longer you are active on the platforms of online casinos and the more games you play there, the more professional you become. This doesn’t go from one day to the next, it’s a more or less creeping process. Both paid and free software tools can help. These programs analyze the courses of action and import them into a database. With the programs you can check your own actions afterwards and thus avoid mistakes in the future. A good side effect of the tools is that you have the successes and failures on the screen. This makes the games more successful and effective. Last but not least, an important factor for success is to create a pleasant atmosphere. Only when playing is fun and enjoyable is it possible to play successfully in the long run.




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