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When it comes to global retail markets, Caribbean brands are too often overlooked. In fact, even the famous brands like Bacardi aren’t widely known as being Caribbean brands. However, despite an initially low market share, more and more of the country’s companies are growing, expanding overseas and bringing their products to a global stage. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the fastest-growing companies and just how they work with legislation to keep growing.

The Importance Of Legislation

Regardless of whether it’s food, drink beauty products, fashion or even gaming, Caribbean brands operating both locally and abroad are having to face a number of unique challenges. These can differ not only dependant on the items or service they’re looking to sell, but the volume of products, or how they’re looking to sell them. Below, we’re also taking a look at a number of key licences that some of the biggest Caribbean brands are needing to obtain in order to operate abroad.

Whether they’re introducing a new condiment to the market or opening up an online business, like a new casino, companies are having to pay careful attention in order to make the most of their growth. So, what brands are getting it right?

Food Licences

One of the biggest Caribbean brands that we have in our supermarkets today is Encona Sauces. Well known throughout UK stores, this particular brand of hot sauce comes in a wide range of Caribbean-inspired flavours, giving you an authentic taste of the islands. However, in order for this food to be sold in the UK, there are a number of licences that need to be obtained.

In order to import food within the UK, the product must, of course, be fit for human consumption. All imports have to be in accordance with the Food Safety Act and comply with specific regulations. In order for the company to gain the license, it is important to ensure that all ingredients are EU-regulated. By following this, Encona Hot Sauce has secured itself a strong place on the UK’s supermarket shelves.

Fashion & Accessories

When looking at a number of successful Caribbean fashion brands, the likes of Meiling, Françoise Elizée and Beck Jewels can’t go unnoticed. Take Meiling for example – this outstanding fashion designer is renowned within the Caribbean for opening a number of boutique stores in Trinidad since launching her career in 1970. She has showcased her brand at a  number of international fashion events and has won numerous awards for her outstanding designs. However, these achievements are often overlooked when compared to other high-end brands, making this a rather underrated brand that deserves much more recognition.

The same can be said for Rykii De Jude. This menswear brand was born out of a need for unique men’s clothing, started by designer Rykardo de Jude in 2005. This became a way to provide men with spiritual clothing that stands out, yet is wearable in day-to-day life. For this reason, the brand often goes overlooked. While there appears to be no set regulation for trading out of the Caribbean, these brands have had to adhere to global regulation in order to grow which, of course, differs from country to country.

Beauty And Cosmetic Standards

Another brand making its mark on the retail world is Sacha Cosmetics. Although this brand may be one of the smaller entries on our list, there are a number of reasons to keep your eye out for this company. As they continue to grow, we are seeing a number of stores beginning to open and others stocking these high-quality products ready to sell. Take into account the fact that online stores are also beginning to sell their products, particularly their setting powder, and you’ll see that they’re set to hit the ground running in 2019.

In order to do this, however, there is an eCommerce license that needs to be obtained to sell these products online. This confirms that you are allowed to sell online and ensures that you are protected for returns and breakages. This licence is definitely needed if selling internationally as this will ensure that your products and the company are adhering to international law. This is vital, as, without this, it could lead to a potential cease in your operations.


Another additional licence that needs to be obtained, this time for the shipment of drinks, is through the food licencing agency. This is crucial as this stops there being any infringement of the law. This level of licencing is needed to manufacture and ship the soft drinks both nationally and internationally and must be in date in order to maintain normal business operations.

West India Queen Cream Soda is a Caribbean drink that can double up as a sauce for ice cream and other desserts. Although this is currently being primarily sold in the Caribbean, there are a number of ways that this can be expanded to an international market and the US, in particular, are taking it upon themselves to import this sweet treat. For this reason, the potential for international expansion is huge, provided the company and any future partners follow the right legislation for each country.

Although each of the above licences is needed in order to successfully expand, it is important to note that obtaining these licences can take time. Therefore, it may take considerably longer to see an influx of these amazing products reaching our shelves, but the wait will be worth it for the best possible flavours throughout.




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