Letter: Maduro’s lies and support by apparatchiks


Dear Sir:

Maduro’s claim that nothing is wrong with Venezuela that cannot be put right if the British, the Americans and all countries in between holding Venezuelan funds and gold, paid over such to him. But thankfully they won’t, they have impounded it for safe keeping for the people.

I was considering something today which I read in a comment to an article a few years ago about how well fed Maduro looked. I suppose it is somewhat disturbing when you see him and indeed, one of his most avid collaborators Dr Ralph E Gonsalves “shill (2 n. 1b)” St Vincent and the Grenadines leader of the Gonsalves/Francis family dynasty, the Unity Labour Party and the SVG government, looking like two barrels of lard whilst their people are struggling to feed themselves.

Both wearing from time to time $5,000 suits and $2,000 shoes, surrounded by security as they visit their bankers and brokers. Of course, they are also good at dressing down almost to the attire of homeless people when mixing with their captive peasants and ignorant supporters. To further confuse the people the wearing of red shirts and matching panties to political rallies. [just for your interest US$5,000 today with inflation is VEF1,242,605,000 Venezuelan Bolivars, one billion, two hundred forty-two million, six hundred five thousand Bolivars]

Let’s make no mistake people are starving in Venezuela which can be attributed directly to the failure of the 21st century socialism, which is the name applied to Marxist Leninist communism and other forms of communism since the millennium was welcomed in, in 2000. Maduro claims there is no crisis in Venezuela; he also says that whatever is happening there has been created by the Americans.

What is happening in Venezuela has been happening for yonks, it has just got progressively worse, which Maduro denies.

But what I can see as a variation in today’s situation is that five years ago the protesters were middle-class students who were being slaughtered in the streets, butchered and mutilated by Cuban urban warfare fighters the Avispas Negras — the “Black Wasps” a branch of the Cuban military. Today it is the peasant class from the barrios that are being targeted and slaughtered by Venezuela’s own unique urban warfare fighters, Special Actions Force (FAES) a branch of the Venezuelan military. Of course, the Venezuelans were trained by Cubans military so they should be a competent and well-trained killing machine.

Not much longer and hopefully the world will see the back of the hemisphere’s current demagogue and his apparatchiks.

Jolly Green, seeking liberation and freedom for all



  1. Me hear dem say dat Venezuela is now on de brink, as man Maduro ah put im troops on “high alert” amid a new Cold War stand-off at im borders, cause de U.S allies dem, dem now ah vow to force in de much needed aid, an Cuba im is being accused of sending in soldiers fo help out dem frend.

    But watch ya nugh, St Vincent and the Grenadines na have no troops fo send in, so me na know ah wa Ralph an im Family ah go do!

    Well Bishop ah Grenada im done dead an garne, an Russia, Iran an China, dem day ah lang way away, so it look like Maduro goose, it well done cooked if im nah change im ways!

  2. When there is truth in an article such as this no one wants to comment from the opposition in case it makes it worse. This was posted two days ago, not a word.

  3. Jolly, you are living up to your namesake.
    Whatever is making you jolly and creating these terrible dreams that you copy and post – stop taking it!
    It is affecting your logic and your connection to reality.
    Check the Internet and see what is REALLY being done by your sponsor, the United States Military Industrial Complex.
    Everyone else knows except you, it seems.

    Don D.

    • Don as a paid collaborator anti US and Canada, you should be awarded by the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba the Friendship Medal, as a spy and collaborator.

    • Dons Observatory the Observer, all you communist collaborators, sooner or later will be timed out by events and slide into the background with the other scum. So be the word

    • I AM handsomely paid, by the ability to inform people who actually care, about what despicable things the supposedly ‘Democratic government’ of the USA does, with it’s nefarious ‘regime-change-activities’.

      Canada, with its warmongering Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, who represents Canada, a country with a TOTAL population SMALLER than the state of Texas OR California, has the outright gall to interfere in the affairs of the sovereign Country of Venezuela.
      The vitriolic comments she issues as a representative(?) of the US-Controlled, LIMA Group and the OAS, (Organization of American States), ARE NOT those of the vast numbers of Canadian Citizens’ regarding her support of the forthcoming US Military’s Invasion of Venezuela.
      She is just as adamant against other Socialist/Democratic countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean.
      She si a very poor choice to represent the opinion of the majority of peace-loving Canadian Citizens’, in my humble opinion.
      Our Prime Minister Trudeau, through his failure to grasp the seriousness of the situation, is of a like mind because of the miss-information that Minister Freeland conveys. A detestable situation to be sure.
      Don D.

      • Biting the hand that feeds you will not be helpful on judgment day. You really are something else supporting all the Marxist scum as you do.

        Get the hell out of Canada and go and live in Venezuela or Cuba.

      • Don, you are a sick boy. Why is it that you think everything you espouse is right whilst other peoples commentary is wrong.

        Why do you believe the filth you support are doing the right thing while everyone else is wrong.

        In English, the term ‘mental hygiene’ likely sounds a bit stale. Having gained a brief but widespread ascendancy in the first half of the 20th century, the phrase gradually faded from popular memory and was replaced by the expression ‘mental health’ in the 1950s. But in Cuba and Venezuela, they still lock people up who oppose their communist systems and say they are re-schooling them and carrying out mental hygiene, cleaning the minds of such people who you Don love to attack.

        Obviously Don as a supporter of those nasty systems you would have most of the world locked down if you could.


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