Letter: Media attack by Emir Crowne and Newsday


Dear Sir:

Newsday has published an article by one Emir Crowne that lumped me together with the government and others under the deliberately inflammatory headline ‘Attacking Journalists’, in which he talks about the importance of the media, but neither Crowne nor Newsday sought to get any input or comment from me, again proving the point that the media in this country has one agenda, to use its pulpit to bully and spew their divisive venom at whomsoever they please.

Alluding in that article to information about a certain journalist doing her best work on her back and ascribing it to me is more fake news as he should well know, as the entire country is aware that the person who put that information complete with pictures into the public space is an ex-paramour of the journalist and the father of one of her children.

That i should have to even answer that is disgusting, but it seems to be the level where the media and Crowne want the game to be played.

The meat of the attack is where Crowne says “On several Facebook posts Alexander describes (Hema) Ramkissoon as a “pig”, characterising her behaviour as “gross”, “unethical” and “pig like”.” He then goes on the say “This type of behaviour must never be condoned. Whether at the government level or the pseudo-political level, attempts to silence the media through overt bullying or implicit slights against journalists’ characters is dangerous. It leads to self-censorship and a denial of the truth.”

His opinion aside, he never refers to the fact that the interview for which she was lambasted was a hatchet job and an ambush, and demonstrated behaviour unbecoming for talk show hosts as stated by the overwhelming majority of people who viewed the interview.

Strange that in an article about the importance of the press he failed to mention the unethical and unconstitutional media blackout against the Progressive Empowerment Party and me in particular for more than two years, and, more importantly, also failed to quote the more important sections of the constitution that guarantees freedom of expression and political association, which the framers thought more important than freedom of the press.

If Mr Crowne believes as he says that a free and fair media is important to the operation of society, how does he account for the deliberate blackout against a political party that he refers to in his article as having sufficient relevance as being able to incite followers.

Mr Crowne needs to apologise for his flimsy prosecution of the matter, his assembly of ideas out of thin air and the most casual of associations to build a case. His use of the media to ambush me and spew crafted lies is an example of everything wrong with journalism and media in this country, and i would like to remind the public that recently that same paper was dragged over the coals internationally by one of its more capable journalists based in the UK, who publicly embarrassed them, and severed ties over it being a purveyor of propaganda and fake news.

In response, I call on both Newsday and Emir Crowne to issue an immediate retraction and an apology for the article in question, failing which i will be referring this matter to attorneys for remedies against the defamation contained therein.

Phillip Edward Alexander
Political leader
The Progressive Empowerment Party



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