Venezuela “Global Scorecard” map wrongly lumps Caribbean nations with Russia, China and Iran

Here's how the world is split on Maduro vs. Guaido, in Venezuela's political crisis according to

By Caribbean News Now contributor

WASHINGTON, USA — Foreign Policy Magazine, which is “devoted to the coverage of global affairs”, has published an infographic that purports to depict global allegiances in the Venezuela crisis. The infographic, curiously, singles out three Caribbean Community (CARICOM) nations — St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica and Suriname — and mentions them in a table in the accompanying story, placing them in the “Backs Nicolás Maduro” camp alongside powers such as Russia, China, Iran and Turkey.

This might be flattering geopolitically, but it doesn’t reflect the reality. Twelve out of the 15 CARICOM states have jointly expressed their position on Venezuela, so Foreign Policy’s list is missing nine CARICOM nations, plus the two others — Haiti and The Bahamas — which had voiced support of Guaidó.

The Bahamas has since backtracked from that support in favour of the CARICOM position, which is also one of non-intervention and non-interference. This may amount, as some have pointed out, to tacit support for Maduro, but the spirit of the CARICOM statement is essentially the same as Mexico’s and Uruguay’s, both of whom Foreign Policy have placed in the “On the fence” or “taking neutral position, offered to mediate” camp.

CARICOM also offered to mediate, and in fact attended a meeting this week with Uruguay, Mexico and other “neutral” states in Montevideo, Uruguay, which concluded that “the complexity of the circumstances [in Venezuela] should not be a reason to dismiss the diplomatic channels for dispute settlement.”

Reiterating their decision to “help restore the tranquility of the Venezuelan people through dialogue and peace,” the governments issued a statement outlining what they refer to as “The Montevideo Mechanism,” a proposed four-phased approach to resolving Venezuela’s political crisis.

The proposed Montevideo Mechanism calls for the following phases:

• Dialogue Phase: Creating conditions for direct contacts among the actors involved, in an environment of security.

• Negotiation Phase: Strategic presentation of the results of the previous phase to the counterparts, seeking to find common ground and areas of opportunity to allow the relaxation of positions and identify potential agreements.

• Commitments Phase: Construction and subscription of agreements based on the results of the negotiation phase, with the characteristics and timeframe, previously agreed upon.

• Implementation Phase: Materialization of the commitments assumed in the previous phase, with the international accompaniment.

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  1. Unfortunately it is true that St. Vincent’s prime minister stupidly aligned us with Chavez and now Maduro for the last 18 years. I wrote about this 18 tears ago. But we have a similarly corrupt group in power in St. Vincent who usurped power in 2010 and 2015 and we cannot rid ourselves of them.

    • Unfortunately Doc, people have failed to take heed of several things that you wrote. They all made sense but there is so much scum in the population that finds it in their favor to support rape and electoral bribery and electoral fraud, it’s frightening.

  2. The problem is that people like Ralph Gonsalves pull the whole area into the Maduro camp and he is proud of it. He sees himself a hero and some people in SVG support that.

    Know as the comrade he is proud to see the Venezuelan people starve, taking petrocarib money whilst babies die.

    Will still support the scum whilst food and medical aid is turned away by Maduro.

    Like Maduro he should be on his way out, him and his whole regime and family dynasty.

  3. The map is factual, a number of Caribbean countries such as SVG are avid supporters of Maduro, well at least the leaders are, not the people.

  4. True sovereignty means support for the sovereignty of the citizenry — something most Venezeluans slowly began to lose as soon as Chavez gained power 18 years ago and which they have now totally lost — not the sovereignty of a power-hungry and keptocratic elite.

  5. To the casual observer, there is a most common and noticeable theme by way of governmental administration in this sea of reds as represented by those countries there shown that now backs this regime of Maduro. A theme that all liberal democracies would find most unacceptable and are thus working by their policy stance to defeat.

    That unsavoury theme which all free minded peoples find most repugnant, was and is sure loved by all despots and repressive regimes alike, as was existing in those of Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Enver Hoxa, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, Muammar Gathafi and that of Sayyid Khomeini.

    The same has found easy admittance in the St. Vincent and the Grenadine’s Administration. Hence therefore, their unwavering support for Maduro and his regime, no matter what the sufferings of the people, is in no way surprising.

  6. The Gonsalves family regime chooses regimes according to whoever will part with money for their support, no matter how unsavoury those regimes are. This trait however also gives credence to that adage “Birds of a feather flock together”!

    Me hear them say that Gonsalves is at this moment at a gathering of world leaders. He sure won’t be there to look for Agricultural or manufacturing trade contracts, for the peoples of St Vincent and the Grenadines, but rather, as is his usual practice, just extending and presenting the usual begging bowl.


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