Letter: The government of Belize “Yes” declaration


Dear Sir:

Five foreign ministers signed a declaration at the prime minister’s press conference Wednesday morning, January 9, 2019. So what?

The purpose of this poppy-show event was another desperate attempt to influence Belizeans to vote yes to the ICJ.

With only 92 days left to referendum date on April 10, and with more Belizeans joining the No vote, Wednesday’s soap opera is the latest in the recent string of desperate attempts by government after ten years of failure to conduct a proper and impartial public education efforts on the Guatemalan issue.

The Belize Peace Movement (BPM) recalls the heads of the army, police and coast guard were paraded to all media outlets singing the government’s propaganda. It fooled no one.

Wednesday’s ex-foreign minister’s snake-oil show at Biltmore merely served to expose those personalities who were part of the disdainful, deceptive and in some cases, collusion, with foreign interests behind the backs of Belizeans, as they signed all sorts of agreements that have come back to haunt the people and nation of Belize.

As matters now stand, these same five foreign ministers colluded in removing reference to our western borders and replacing it with adjacency zone. The Maritime Areas Act gave away miles of Belizean seas and, since May 2015, Guatemalan armed forces have invaded and occupied Belizean’s portion of the Sarstoon River. None of the five had any condemnation for Guatemala’s violation of Belizean sovereignty and territorial integrity in breach of international law.

History has recorded that in their younger, brighter and sharper era of their career, three of the five foreign ministers were firmly “NO to the ICJ”! Were they wrong then or are they wrong now that they have flipped to the Yes?

The BPM asks how dare these five quislings show their faces after years of arrogance and disrespect to Belizeans whom they have deliberately misinformed, disinformed and kept in the dark regarding the Guatemalan claim to Belize.

The BPM intends to hold a press conference next week.

Bobby Lopez
Belize Peace Movement
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8867 Forever!



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