Letter: Trump’s first two years


Dear Sir:

As an Independent I provide the following evaluation of Trump’s first two years in office.

Positive accomplishments during the two years include: revised tax policy benefiting many Americans, elimination of some unnecessary or restrictive regulations, low unemployment, and funding the DOD to $700-$750 billion.

During the first two years of Trump’s presidency, the following negative events transpired:

• Russia has made significant inroads into Syria in the past two years.

• President Erdogan of Turkey asked Trump if the US could leave Syria, and Trump complied and unilaterally decided to pull our troops out of Syria. Trump, against the judgement of his generals, is drawing down our military in Afghanistan.

• The US ceased military exercises with South Korea because Kim Jong Un asked Trump to cease the exercises. We are currently in a stalemate with North Korea concerning their denuclearization.

• We have alienated our allies in the world by pulling out of agreements and diluting our responsibilities in various international organizations.

• China has significantly expanded its outreach in the Far East and has developed strategic bases in the South China Sea.

• We are in a trade war with China and many states are losing billions of dollars in export revenue. China is a top importer of US products.

• The stock market tanked in December 2018 with the worst December performance since 1931, and it continues to roil primarily due to the trade war with China, some poor corporate profits, rising interest rates, the turmoil in the White House, and the government shutdown.

• Trump shut down the government and put 800,000 government workers out on the street because he wants to build a border wall which is very costly and might not solve the illegal immigration problem.

• Trump had the EPA weaken the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, which will increase the pollution of our environment.

• Trump decreased the size of a number of National Monument areas in the US.

• Trump has lost about 25 key White House officials in his two years as president, which is a record.

• Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign for president proceeded throughout 2018 and led to the prosecution of Lt. Gen. Flynn, National Security Adviser; Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager; and Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer.

• Trump’s deep character flaws, including but not limited to his obnoxiousness, insults, lying, attacks on our freedoms and not understanding the workings of our government, led to the Democratic victories in the mid-term elections. The Democrats took control of the US House of Representatives and the governorships of the key states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. They also took control of the House and Senate in New Hampshire, my home state.

Based on my assessment of Trump’s first two years I give him a grade of D-; and therefore, Mr President, there is tremendous room for improvement in the New Year.

Donald Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH



  1. Mr. Moskowitz:

    It becomes patently obvious to the most casual reader that you are a Trump-hater. Your bullet points are actually misfires. Throwing shtuff upon the wall hoping it sticks is p-poor politics.

    Further, it would seem you are perhaps a NH transplant from NYC, not a rock-ribbed New England conservative. Pity!

    James Borona
    Connecticut Yankee residing in Panama’


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