Letter: Rambo Putin puppetizes Maduro and the Caribbean Marxist leaders


Dear Sir:

Russia has already managed to develop a sophisticated cyber toolbox, including cyber espionage instruments. Every country in the world is at risk from the vigorous cyber activity of Russian government based hackers.

They are interfering in all branches of foreign government departments and facilities, military, and private and public corporations.

The real problem is that under the leadership of such a nasty little man who could aptly be called Rambo Putin, they are personally directed and encouraged to do all the dirty deeds possible for direct congratulatory encouragement by him.

Russia’s cyber capabilities are expanding at a break speed rate, and its operations are becoming more sophisticated and more difficult to track. They seem to be able to slip in and out of just about any ministry and any facility anywhere in the world.

However, besides the Russian cyber capabilities under the direct direction of Putin the Russian war machine is continually testing and trying the patience and capacity of the US and Nato.

For instance, if we look at how Putin’s policy is to befriend any country leader who is rejected by the US and the rest of the civilized world. To then put in place in such countries the Russian military machine and virtually take control of those countries using the leaders as his puppet show.

Russia is a creeping cancer in such countries as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, the ALBA membership, North Korea, Eastern Europe, all the Caribbean Island states, the Middle East, Africa. They are doing the Putin Pollution Shuffle everywhere that they can introduce their control. Where they cannot control, the developed countries, they send their operatives to kill anyone who opposes Russian, or in particular Putin’s rule and control. Evidence of this was: On 4 March 2018, Sergei Skripal, a former Russian military officer and double agent for the UK’s intelligence services, and his daughter Yulia Skripal were poisoned in Salisbury, England, with a Novichok nerve agent known as A-234. Putin’s agents have been identified and tracked on CCTV and camera’s. Much of Russia’s dirty behavior is attributed directly to Putin, said now to be the , richest man in the world after stealing Russia’s finances and emerging industries assets after the countries return to capitalism.

In 2016 NATO declared cyberspace a domain of operations in which the alliance must defend itself as effectively as it does in the air, on land, and at sea. NATO knew the Russians were winning and was worried about their own capabilities being inadequate to deal with the all swamping cyber invasion by Russia. Only this year the alliance decided to enhance further NATO’s ability to operate in cyberspace by creating and launching a Cyberspace Operations Center as part of an improved allied command structure, to be fully operational and staffed by 2023.

There are dangers in cyberspace and worse physical dangers being planned by Putin’s Russia in the backyards of the Europeans and the Americans, where at the moment the Russians can do whatever they want with impunity. It appears that the Americans and the Europeans are just frightened of the consequences and are prepared to do nothing while Russia walks all over them causing humiliation at the very least.

Recently, a series of Russian military aircraft landed outside Caracas, including two nuclear-capable, supersonic Tu-160 “White Swan” bombers, which later embarked on a ten-hour training mission over the Caribbean. Russian President Vladimir Putin was using Venezuela to send a powerful message to Washington. Then to add to that Iran announced that she had sent two of her warships to the Mexican Gulf in support of Maduro and to bolster the Russian presence.

Just a few weeks ago, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow and received promises of a $6 billion aid package. Now, Maduro is well and truly pupitized by Putin, Maduro’s only concerned is with his regime’s survival.

So where does that put the Caribbean islands whose people have been dragged into the fray by people like Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit speaking at the recent ALBA summit who stated; “Dominica fully supports and recognizes the legitimacy of Maduro as President of the nation.” Dominica has been part of ALBA and has been able to travel a common path with countries of the region, he said, recalling Chavez and Fidel, “to whom we owe an eternal debt of gratitude.” Continuing, Dominica will not be intimidated under any circumstances, because, from the beginning, this relationship of friendship and mutual respect, promoted by Fidel and Chávez, has been valuable.”

Then you have Skerrit’s friend and comrade Ralph Gonsalves prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, who is a frequent critic of the US, often describing them as
the “evil empire.” Neither of these leaders is true friends of the US, UK or the EU. They are happy to receive their handouts yet are always at the forefront to support all the nasty regimes in the Caribbean, and all their puppet masters such as Rambo Putin.

The word is that Putin almost owns Venezuela outright, the few dollars paid to Venezuela is just small change from his annual expenditure chest.

How about Cuba in all this, they are still there ready to stick a sharp knife under the US ribcage at any opportunity. Like always they operate in the half- light and shadows, using people like Skerret, Gonsalves, and even the PM of Grenada, Keith Mitchell. Mitchell has been realigning the party with all the old Grenada revolutionaries he can muster.

The rookery of Marxist leaders in the Caribbean is a real danger to the word and world of democracy and decency, a threat to their people in dragging them down to the level of the people of Venezuela.

Now with Putin bragging the opening of seven military installations throughout the Caribbean and Americas, what dire risks are the people being put at?

The sooner the Caribbean people wake up and realize that all their current leaders who are cloaked in the mantle of 21st century socialism are sellouts to communism, besides being a sellout to Cuba, and Russia. Our grandparents would never have approved of such characters.

A fantastic article to read, which fills in the actions of the Russians in the Caribbean, was written by Peter Binose in 2014, as I so often write, Peter could see into the future. What an amazing man.

Jolly Green, blowing the bugle for freedom



  1. Jolly Green, I guess you have never heard of the Snowden papers which showed how America and it’s so-called five eye are spying on the entire world, even it’s so-called allies. You and Peter Binose are fools of democracy, you both have no idea what it is. Shame on you for writing this foolish article. All you are saying is what the truthful Americans are saying about Putin. I guess there were really weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

  2. The Russians are jumping into the vacuum left by several governments…the UK is too busy trying to save their bacon from the Brexit mess. The Americans are hijacked by a unpredictable and egoistic Trump. Other Caribbean/Latin American powers are trapped in right-wing idiocraries, drug wars, corruption scandals, or just too busy trying to find short-term gains from dubious programs financed by either the Chineese or passport buying schemes.
    It will take a coordiated Caribbean effort to confront the complex modern threats. Sadly, the trend of this age does not include the theme “all for one, and one for all” . Individualsm will e the end of us all.

  3. “Jolly Green”, which by the way is not his real name but a pseudonym, accuses Russia of doing what the United States has done to all the countries of the world for 200 years. It is amazing to see how “Green” makes a great effort to mock Caribbean leaders just for thinking differently or not being US lackeys. For this fake writer, to be lackey of the USA is the duty to be. It is evident that he is a deranged man who vomits his hatred of everything that smells left. “Green” is the typical example of a worm dragged into the interests of the US. Green is the puppet, a real US puppet. And nobody writes this type of garbage without receiving money for it.

    • Ivana, do not give clowns like Green or Nancy Jo credit by assuming they are either smart or self-respecting enough to receive money for the slavish duties they serve. That would at least suggest they are possessed of autonomous minds and a modicum of self-esteem. In reality their sole motivation is self hatred and petty colonialism of the kind that produced generations of happy house slaves. The US/UK propaganda machines know their types very well and have come to rely upon them as the vanguard of their increasingly ludicrous agenda in the region and the world.

    • Ivana Ivanovic, I believe you are a part of the Russian cyber machine, a Putin pooper scooper, probably not even a man but part of a Russian organization.

      This is a US published on line media site and for Russians to be here means that Jolly Green has hit the nail on the head.

      Talking of puppets, you are worse because you are little more than robotic, with a really nasty stench of abominable communist putridity.

  4. Jolly Green;
    Funds getting low J.G.?

    Since you ARE getting paid by the word, judging by the length of your rambling tirade against Russia and President Putin. I can well imagine that dineros ARE the main reason for this post.

    Do you intend to try and knock Russia and its allies’ for resisting the US Aggression against their countries’ in an effort to cause ‘Regime-Change Tactics’, so they can steal the unfortunate recipients’ Natural Resources?
    That’s the read I and most of the world’s well-informed citizens’, take from your dubious rhetoric.

    Russia and Putin make far better allies, than enemies, I would think.

    You do realize of course, that if you combat Russia, two other entities come into play – China and India, who have a mutual defense compact.
    Discretion is certainly advised, Jolly Green.

    Keep that in mind, silly American Government-Sponsored troll.

    Don D.

    • Right wing extremism is growing in North America. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer supports extremists like Alex Jones who openly advocated for genocide and gun violence.

  5. Ivana, you fail to see what the consequences are for Venzuelans and everybody around them. Yes, the USA does not have an unblemished record. But the Caribbean nations must make some noise for the sake of humanity…a neighbor is being pushed into poverty and refugees are pouring into Colombia and neighboring islands because of the Chavista madness. If the Caribbean Nations do not unite and set aside petty strife serving only short term gains, powers like Russia and China will roam free and cause more devisions and more strife. And all they want, like the USA in the past, is for their own personal benefit.
    The Caribbean Nations should have learned their lessons by now and not be sold out cheaply for a few passport dollars, or some dodgy infrastructure projects. They should no longer be played by hotel multinationals either.
    It all boils down to leadership with a long term vision and not corrupt personal lets-get-re-elected visions..

  6. From analyzing the duplicity of context between (the so-called) ‘Nancy Jo’ and the, ‘Jolly Green’s’ posts, it’s very likely that they are ONE and the SAME PERSON – A US Government-sponsored, TROLL.
    Perpetrators of the US Military/Industrial/Complex, to enforce the outdated Monroe Doctrine in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    Their quest is solely designed to destabilize the duly-elected leaders and governments’ in this area and then, to steal the affected countries’ Natural Resources, by regime-change tactics.
    This is, and ALWAYS HAS BEEN, the US Government’s, modus operandi.

    US Citizen’s are TOTALLY miss-informed or uninformed, as to the might and military capabilities’ of the allies of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, that would come to bear against any aggressor(s) who might be tempted to invade these aforementioned countries’ and ANY other Socialist-leaning countries that fall under their protectors’ wings.
    Don’t poke the sleeping Russian Bear!
    Don’t forget the other two members of the Russia, China and India, Defense-Compact!

    Read and Heed, folks!

    Don D.

    • They may or may not be trolls, you nor I cannot prove or disprove that. But after watching your well trained online comments can also point a finger at you as being a commie troll.

      Cuba has bankrupted Venezuela and caused the being of 10 million refugees, they all ultimately want to go to the US. There is no such exodus from the US to Cuba or Venezuela.

      The misinformation comes from people like you Don, go and live there and see how long you last.

      • MadEuro;
        I do live in Cuba for part of the year.
        I live with my wife at our casa in Santa Marta.
        Any more provisos?
        I only comment on the realities that are obvious to any astute observer, my friend.
        Don D.

  7. Jolly ‘folly’ Green, the only thing left to be added… are the words of the Honorable Prime Minister Ralph E Gonsalves of St Vincent and the Grenadines “…We are friends to all, and enemies of none”.

  8. Dear Vinciman, since when was the fat comrade honorable, he is a confirmed liar, and has unheard rape and sexual assault charges against him.

    Honorable is little more than part of his parliamentary title, but as a man he is most certainly not honorable.

    Can he be said to have any of the following qualities; morally correct · honest · moral · ethical · principled · righteous · right-minded · full of integrity · decent · respected · respectable · venerable · virtuous · good · upstanding · upright · worthy · noble · high-principled · fair · just · truthful · trustworthy · trusty · law-abiding · incorruptible · reliable · reputable · dependable · faithful · illustrious · distinguished · eminent · great · admirable · glorious · prestigious · noble · notable · creditable · renowned · esteemed.

    Is he “a decent and honorable man”?

    Which brings a further question of are those that know the man, praise the man and support the man also incapable of being classed as honorable, which includes you Vinciman hiding behind your mask of falsities with a name to suit.

    You Vinciman, employed to try and make wrong right, spinning a spiders web of shame for all Vincentians. Supporter of lies indecency and sexual criminality, nasty and more nasty.

    • Thompson:
      That’s just the countries’ which we know about!

      Check out their unreported activities in Africa. ‘AFRICOM’, is their acronym for destabilizing and regime-change there, in order to steal the natural resources of these African countries.
      France is also complicit in the same modus operandi.

      I don’t think Trump has even a remote clue as to what his Military/Industrial/Complex has been, and IS DOING, around the world.

      Add that to the crimes the US-Controlled, IMF and The World Bank, have perpetrated on poor third world countries’ (and others), around the world.

      It’s no wonder that US Government-created ‘Sanctions’, no longer have any effect on the intended victim-countries’. These countries have curtailed the use of the US$ and are using the RMB (Yuan), their own currencies, and have also set up reciprocal banks in each other’s country.

      The credibility of the US Government AND ITS CURRENCY, are coming to a GREAT SCREECHING HALT !
      Don D.

  9. Nancy is that a comment of what he writes or a description of the person?

    Just asking, because he does put down some rubbish in a well trained Cuban operator way.

    I suppose the verse does make a rather apt nickname.

    I am going to call social services on him, there are vulnerable being taught this rubbish that he espouses.

  10. N. Jo;
    Your response dictates the quality and quantity of your knowledge regarding current world happenings.
    You and your fellow Americans’ are totally uninformed or miss-informed of the US Government’s diabolical maneuvers to destabilize democratically-elected governments’ in order to PLUNDER their victim countries’ natural resources.
    The USA’s extraterritorial rulings and sanctions are growing less plausible by the day, as countries find countless opportunities to circumvent this ludicrous American Government behaviour.
    These activities are plainly visible to the rest of the world, even though you think you are fooling the general populace.
    It’s a new world and they KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, N. Jo.
    Today’s young people are thoroughly versed in the use of the Internet and the W.W.Web. and they KNOW what the US Military/Industrial/Complex, NATO, USAID, NES, and the plethora of US Government’s other nefarious acronym Divisions are doing.
    Do you honestly think otherwise, N. Jo?

    Don D

    • Just more of what I described before Don.

      You may well ask Simon and the answer is both the man and what he writes.

      Simon were you referring to his adopted children?


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