Letter: Rowley’s PNM definition of treason… any citizen who questions his government’s procurement practices!


Dear Sir:

Is the Keith Rowley-led PNM administration saying to any citizen that to question its procurement practices, to question any evidence of corruption makes that citizen’s action reckless and treasonous?

Does asking for accountability, according to Rowley’s PNM, mean that you can be accused of attempting to overthrow the government or to betray Trinidad and Tobago… really?

Did any of the media houses immediately ask Communications Minister Stuart Young if he understood the meaning of the term “treasonous” when he said attempts by the UNC (of which he was wrong… this was by political activist Devant Maharaj) “to embroil the Australian government in a so-called scandal for their local political survival is nothing short of reckless and treasonous.”

Such posturing is nothing more than boilerplate rhetoric of this administration’s continual insulting the intelligence of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Young and Rowley’s policy of demeaning and snarking the opposition is now the norm rather than the exception and they are doing so without being cautioned and questioned by those of the fourth estate, who are simply content with just printing anything that this government says.

This is all about Young and Rowley both unilaterally committing the country to spending over $1 billion in securing two vessels from Australian shipbuilders International Catamarans (INCAT) and Austal for the provision of fast ferries and a Cape Class patrol vessel for the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard. It was a single source procurement contract that apparently Rowley singlehandedly decided on and then had his Cabinet rubberstamp.

This type of procurement practices is now the modus operandi of this government which gives no accountability for any of its very secretive billion-dollar procurement practices.

Stuart Young is an arrogant, egoistic and totally incompetent minister who is yet to understand that practicing the politics of insult to anyone who attempts to question his government’s mismanagement and squandamania practices shows a callous disregard for democracy and respect for taxpayers’ money.

And of course the label of “corrupt”, which the PNM has used since 2010 to describe the UNC, was again bought to the forefront.

Thirty-nine months into its mandate and the PNM’s dog-whistle politics continue… a very convenient and distractible method by the PNM to mask their own incompetence and mismanagement of the country’s affairs.

Corruption… Young needs to look in the mirror!

Capil Bissoon



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