Letter: Implementing legal protections for the LGBTQ community will help legitimise their cause


Dear Sir:

The Trinidad and Tobago Council of Evangelical Churches (TTCEC) fulminates against the move of the LGBT community to seek legislative protection, including under the Equal Opportunity Act (EOA). An article in the Trinidad Guardian, LGBT Community Seeks Legislative Protection, advises of this move. The council is of the view that to offer legislative protection to this group, whether in the work place or otherwise, is to legitimize these gender categories that are non-existent according to the Bible.

Furthermore, as research has concluded, there is no scientific basis for these gender categories. Are we then asking the nation to recognize a new category of people?

Additionally, it is concerned that the acceptance of such protections would be marked by the introduction of what is referred to as antidiscrimination laws such as is the case in Canada and US and other western societies – the use of female restrooms by transgender males and vice versa; the persecution of Christians in the form of requiring Christian businesses to hire members of the LGBT community, requiring Christian teachers and other professionals to refer to transgenders by pronouns of their choice, the accusing of Christian preachers of hate speech if they declare what the Bible says on the LGBT behaviour, the brainwashing of our children through the introduction of the comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) to support the normalization of this behaviour through the law.

In fact, the council has no doubt that the passage of any legislation offering protections to the LGBT community, whether part of the EOA or not, will mark the beginning of that way of life in Trinidad and Tobago.

In reality, what protection can be guaranteed to LGBT group other than the protection that is already accorded to us all equally under the constitution of Trinidad and Tobago?

For these reasons, the council implores the government of Trinidad and Tobago to dismiss the calls of the LGBT community to implement laws to accommodate them and to dismiss their call to change the EOA to accommodate them.

Trinidad and Tobago Council of Evangelical Churches



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