New regulations for self-employment enter into force in Cuba


HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — Modifications to laws governing self-employment came into effect last Friday in Cuba, as part of the policy to improve the legal framework under which 13 percent of the Cuban workforce operates as self employed.

Such workers or who wish to begin can go to the processing offices to start the process of applying for licences, in accordance with the provisions of the rules approved in June of this year, which were modified last Wednesday.

In June, reorganization measures were approved aimed at avoiding legislative dispersion, increasing control to avoid illegalities and tax evasion and reordering the number of activities and their scope, which, after the discussion process with the self-employed workers, were subjected to modifications for greater precision and to respond to the criticisms made.

Among the new modifications introduced are the authorizations to carry out more than one activity, eliminating the limit for food services, reducing the minimum balance required in the business accounts and increasing up to 35 percent the amount in cash that can be retained as a fund in such accounts.

Also opened up again were the authorizations for 26 activities that were frozen, with the exception of computer equipment programmers, until its scope and characteristics are specified in the policy that the ministry of communications is developing in this regard.

During the radio and television Round Table, last Wednesday, authorities of the ministry of labour and social security reaffirmed that the changes do not mean setbacks, but part of a process of improvement in order to eradicate deviations that have arisen.

Some 588,000 people are currently self-employed in Cuba, a sector that constitutes an important complement to the Cuban economy since it boosts employment and services.



  1. It appears that Cuba upon seeing the disaster that was Venezuela, is slowly but surely making its way towards Capitalism. What a strange situation where the government governs how much money you can retain (have) in your business account. But at least it’s a start towards the inevitable day Cuba once again joins the free world.

  2. Richard;
    In stating ‘the disaster that was Venezuela’, implies that you don’t have a clue as to HOW MUCH the United States Government’s many Nefarious agencies’, have worked SO VERY HARD, to make it in the condition it is in!

    The US government wants two things of Venezuela!
    1. Its OIL and Precious Minerals and other Natural Resources
    2. To curtail its Socialist System of Governance which shows the rest of the world that Socialism actually is only another method of governance.
    Its main feature being that the lower levels of the population are lifted in wages and benefits, before the top 1%, as in the Capitalist (Democratic ?) System.

    The major Capitalist Corporations’ in Venezuela, such as Dole, Chevron, etc., don’t want Socialism to succeed, because the labour costs for their workers will increase drastically.
    Since Capitalism would use profits to pay the upper management and shareholders’, they are fighting to remove Maduro and his Socialist Government from power.

    Part two!
    If you read between the lines of Diaz-Canel’s original post, you will find quite a few very accurate statements that will lead to the financial success (IF FOLLOWED) that will advance life in Cuba, Directly.

    I don’t suppose that you have seen the latest changes (suggested by the voters’) to the constitution? Check them out Richard.

    Just a question – Have you EVER seen changes made to the USA’s Constitution, by a vote of the population of the USA?

    Don D.

  3. Don, I lived on the border of Venezuela in Cucuta, Colombia for almost a year. The absolute poverty of the people crossing the border literally begging for food was something I never thought I would ever see. People took turns eating as there was not enough food to go around. There were no jobs and the jobs they had didn’t pay them enough to survive. You have no idea what is going on. You simply regurgitate the socialist propaganda placing blame everywhere except where it belongs. Chavez died a billionaire and without a doubt so will Maduro. People really are eating their dogs this is not false news, it’s a fact. People are giving up their children because they can’t afford to feed them. This is what you call a success? I planned on spending some time in Cuba next year but I was dissuaded from going there by someone who lived there and had emigrated to the U.S. legally. As to the Constitution being changed, we call them Amendments. You are correct that Cuba is changing their Constitution and I refer back to my original statement they sooner or later they will once again become a Capitalist country.

  4. Richard sweetheart, your comments fall on deaf ears and blind eyes when addressing Don because he is not just blind and deaf, but stupid to the nth degree.

    You are quite right Cuba is on the way to being a capitalist state and they will leave dopey Don behind with his obvious propagandist silliness.

    In 1979 China’s Chairman Deng launched several economic reforms that allowed private sectors to start and operate their own businesses once again. He also established four special economic zones along the coast of China with intentions of attracting foreign investments. Cuba has been following that model and like China attracting foreign investment.

    The problem is Cuba is still very much in the past and is sowing discontent and encouraging terrorism in the Americas and the Caribbean.

    Don uses the whip on the Americans to try and change our gaze on the Cubans, he will never accept they are a still a rogue state and perhaps will remain so until the world is rid of Raul Castro.

    Don is quite simply not just politically simple but actually a threat to Cubas continuing process of re-entering the real world and adopting capitalism once more. Because Cuba’s change so far has been brought about partially by obvious inability to feed its people and care for them under the communist system. What has happened in Venezuela has frightened them and they are also frightened of failure in converting Venezuela to a totalitarian communist state. But worse than that they cannot help Venezuela financially, they can help them kill their protesting students but that is about it.

    As generations are replaced by more educated people, those like Don become little more than toothless archaic dogs who will bark but never bite. Eventually, their owners have them put down because besides annoying the neighbors they also annoy their owners.

    So my dear Richard, keep putting Don in his place and pointing out the obvious that all who read his written word know already, he is quite simply a village idiot playing in the world playground.

  5. RC;
    The only way Cuba would ever become a Capitalist Nation is if the US attacked the country and filled it with American Soldiers, as they are also currently trying to do in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

    The Cuban people have very long memories of USA’s Nefarious activities trying to undermine their Country AND their Government, over the last 60 years.
    Whatever Cuba HAS or DOES, it is still a safer, more resilient Country than the Hegemonic USA COULD EVER BE.
    Tell the 240,000,000 American Citizens living in Poverty and on food stamps, that the US Military spends two-thirds of the GDP, on enhancing their military, instead of serving the citizens’ Medical and education needs, as well as their daily caloric needs.

    Cuba has had a problem with food production of a sufficient quantity, but NOW, since Diaz-Canel is at the helm, he has been forming alliances with MANY countries to guaranty the necessary requirements, not only of food, but EVERYTHING else that is required for a fully-functioning, advancing, modern nation, REGARDLESS of the United States Government’s FOOLISH, Childish, Sanctions.
    Take note of the European, Asean (not a spelling error) Nations and many other countries’ that don’t want ANYTHING TO DO WITH the UNITED STATES or its Government. The number is increasing DAILY!

    By the way Richard, you haven’t stated WHERE (or in which country) you reside.

    It can’t be Puerto Rico, since the US Government has effectively abandoned them. It can’t be the USA because you would know how bad things are for the working class there.

    Brazil or Argentina, they are suffering far worse than (You Say) Venezuela Was.
    Brazil or Argentina, where US-lead Coups have replaced the democratically-elected leaders and installed US-Leaning, Puppet-Presidents’, whose sole mission seems to be to remove ALL the Natural Resources and ship them back to the good ol’ USA. Meanwhile forcing austerity on two of the largest countries in SOUTH AMERICA. The SAME THING THEY ARE DOING with Their AFRICOM Division, in Africa.

    No Richard, Cuba is wise to the octopus-like tentacles of the USA and its Government and they don’t want ANY PART OF IT.


    Don D.

  6. Cuba imports roughly two-thirds of its food at an annual cost of more than $2 billion, and brief shortages of individual products have been common for years. Those are facts, unlike Dons lies.

    “Cuba has had a problem with food production of a sufficient quantity, but NOW, since Diaz-Canel is at the helm, he has been forming alliances with MANY countries to guaranty the necessary requirements”

    Don, you have to stop making up these silly stories, everything you write today can be checked out, so liar your pants are on fire.

    MAY 11, 2019 / 2:04 PM / AP
    Havana — The Cuban government announced Friday it is launching widespread rationing of chicken, eggs, rice, beans, soap and other basic products in the face of a grave economic crisis. Commerce Minister Betsy Díaz Velázquez told the state-run Cuban News Agency that various forms of rationing would be employed in order to deal with shortages of staple foods.


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