Letter: We can no longer count on the St Lucia government to help us


Dear Sir:

With the current healthcare crisis we must send letters to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO):

525 23rd Street
Washington, DC 20037
Telephone 1-202-974-3663
Fax 1-202-974-3663
Attention: Deputy Director, Dr Isabella Daniel

We can no longer count on the St Lucian government to help us. They have their own financial interests that are their priority. Tourism, don’t they know that tourists need medical attention too?

Expats from St Lucia call, visit, write letters on our behalf, this is a medical crisis and inhumane.

My friends and family, help us out and report this situation.

The crazy thing about this situation is that the European Union built a state of the art hospital and it has been vacant for years because the past and present governments spent the funds on other projects that will make these politicians wealthier, while the citizens are dying because of little or nonexistent healthcare.

The hospital in the south is housed in the bowels of a stadium, while a partially built hospital is being argued about whether or not it is safe or built to code and millions of dollars are unaccounted for. Anyone who speaks up is discredited or who knows…

The only hospital we have is about 100 years old, dangerously falling apart, medical equipment falling apart or poorly maintained, staff not trained or undertrained, overworked and poorly paid. We fear to go there for fear of being killed or dying while waiting for medical attention.

I am scared to death, so are the people of St Lucia. The medical and dental association tried their best but were bullied and shamed. Where do we turn? What do we do? This is a medical emergency and I must do something about it or I will die too.

The present government wants to build parks, throw fancy balls, travel first class to the Kentucky Derby, build a racetrack while we are dying of neglect.

Dianne Starr



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