Letter: Health care in St Lucia


Dear Sir:

I use to post more vigorously on Facebook concerning problematic situations in St Lucia especially, as a Vieux Fortian, my concerns for the DSH project, which I am still very much concerned about and personally do not support based on the agreement. I am of the belief some looked at me as being political although it is my constitutional right to support whichever party I so desire. I must state that I do not really care how they feel about me when it comes to my expression of what I believe is wrong in this country. This is my constitutional right. I respect everyone in authority it does not matter which political side or party you are affiliated with,

In this post I would like to specifically mention my concern for health care in St Lucia.

St Lucians, we are facing an extremely serious health crisis. To me it does not matter which party started it or not but it is presently in crisis position.

St Jude’s at the stadium is extremely bad. OKEU is not in full operation or not in operation as it is supposed to be. Victoria is extremely bad.

I would like to call on our government to please do something about St Jude’s. If there is ever an aircraft situation at Hewanorra, we will be in serious problems. Also please do something about the other health institutions in St Lucia.

Our health situation is in urgent need of attention. Please, please do something.

The government of St Lucia needs to get its priorities right. There is too much wastage and unnecessary expenditure in the wrong areas.

Mr Prime Minister, please rethink your present direction and do what is in need of urgent attention.

This is not a political matter but rather an urgent need by the citizenry.

Very, very concerned!

St Lucians, we all should be concerned.

Tony Wilkinson



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