From Thursday, Cubans will have internet on their cell phones


HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — Starting on Thursday, December 6, the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) will provide Internet connection service through mobile data to all customers who request it.

Tania Velázquez Rodríguez, vice president of business strategy and technology of ETECSA, explained that the service will begin at 8 am, for which it is necessary to have a 3G cell phone, and to have used it at some time this year on the 900 MHz frequency.

The subscribers already recognized by the network with these features will be able to acquire the package of their preference without having to go to a commercial office, dialing *133# from their own phone and following the options of the menu, with discount of the main account of the mobile service.

As she explained, it will be a gradual process of expansion, as on Thursday only customers with phones that start with the numbers 52 and 53, on Friday 54 and 55, and on Saturday 56 and 58.

After those days, people can do it from any number with the conditions mentioned above.

For users who use a cell phone with the features mentioned above and have not made a connection so far, if they are interested in accessing the service must configure the APN Nauta, activate the data from 3G coverage and make a first connection.

Velazquez Rodriguez said that a personalized notice will be issued by SMS to each customer, who may request packages or take advantage of the applicable rate.

She specified that for a price of seven CUC users can obtain 600 megabits, for ten CUC one gigabit and for 20 CUC 2.5 gigabits.

She said that this will not require new contracts or going to ETECSA offices, but they will need to have balances on their phones or connect to the ETECSA portal, the Nauta or MiCubacel user portal.

She added that several tests had been carried out on access to this service, which revealed vulnerabilities, which were solved before offering it permanently.

Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, Cuban minister of communications, highlighted the recent advances in the country regarding Internet access and technology, which is a priority for the nation.

Mayra Arevich Marín, executive president of ETECSA, said that there are currently 670 Internet browsing rooms in the country, six times the number existing in 2013, plus 878 Wi-Fi hotspots, located in all municipalities.




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