Barbados government evaluates possible Cuban technical assistance against Alzheimer’s disease


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (ACN) — Cynthia Forde, minister of people’s empowerment and elderly affairs of Barbados, has evaluated with the Cuban ambassador to Barbados, Francisco Fernández, the possibility of implementing an assistance project with Cuban experts to confront Alzheimer’s disease, for which the office of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) for the Eastern Caribbean already has funding.

Accompanied by deputy minister Carolyn Springer and other senior officials of her team, the minister expressed her satisfaction at the experience and willingness to cooperate of the ministry of public health of Cuba, the Cuban ministry of foreign affairs reported.

She highlighted the value of this action because both countries have a large segment of their population over 60 years of age, but in the case of Barbados, a field study such as the one proposed is required in order to develop a strategy and a national plan to determine with greater precision the steps that must be taken to effectively confront this disease.

Fernandez thanked the minister for the recognition of Cuban cooperation, and noted that this is a position of principle with all Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states, which was ratified at the last bilateral summit held.

He pointed out that once the conditions are created by both parties, Barbados will soon be added to the countries that meet international standards for the fight against Alzheimer’s, a disease that has an effect not only in the patients who suffer from it, but also in their family environment.

The diplomat also stressed that this action is an integral part of collaboration in other spheres of the health sector, since the Barbados ministry of health has presented a purchase list of Cuban medicines that include some for the Alzheimer’s program and other advanced biotechnology products, such as Heberprot-P for the diabetes program, as well as vaccines against cancer.



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