Poets Corner: Jooking Fire


Jooking Fire

By Bernard Charles

Who is pressuring and persuading inchoate activities?
Christ teaches… they killed him.
King preached… they killed him.
Bishop united… they killed him.
Who is trying to outmaneuver with deceptive actions?
Someone, not anyone, is jooking fire.

Enough is enough!
Who is inciting to escalate an atmosphere of riot, violence and hoodlums?
Where is the feeling of love?
Where is the devotion, and sense of attachment to our country?
Where is the vigorous support for our people, to manage ourselves responsibly?
It’s Grenada’s time to flourish and prosper.
It’s time for stability!
It’s time to consider abiding peace!
It’s time for our people to progress, and thrive respectfully.
Someone, not anyone, is jooking fire.

No more propaganda and sabotage …
Who is aiding and abetting, and who are conspiring?
Caribbean – prostitution and drugs in all area.
Europe – Nationalism spreading all over
America – turning the whole world into disorder and uncertainty.
Someone, not anyone, is jooking fire.



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