Letter: The Caribbean and the Latin Americas are still suffering the red tide created by Cuba


Dear Sir:

The Caribbean, like the Latin Americas, has been affected by the cancerous effect of Cuban Marxist-Leninist indoctrination.

The Cubans for many decades have tried to convert the whole of the Americas and the Caribbean to their very nasty political system. Training foreign terrorists in both Cuba and on their home soils, they just renamed the terrorists ‘freedom fighters’, supplying them with arms, ammunition and technical knowhow.

Terrorism can be defined as political action employing extraordinarily violent means to achieve the mostly psychological effect of intimidation and demoralization of a nation’s government and its populace. Terrorism is a weapon of the weak, used by groups and individuals who have little conventional military power.

Castro’s Cuba was little more than a puppet of the Russian USSR, starting when Castro asked for help from the Soviets and, in response, Khrushchev approved the temporary purchase of Cuban sugar. After the establishment of diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union after the Cuban Revolution of 1959, Cuba became increasingly dependent on Soviet markets and military aid, becoming a willing ally of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The Russians now had a foothold and a partner in the USA’s backyard, the Caribbean and Latin Americas.

Khrushchev approved the temporary purchase of Cuban sugar in exchange for Soviet fuel. This deal was to play a part in sustaining the Cuban economy for many years to come. Following the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion of 1961, Fidel Castro announced publicly that Cuba was to become a socialist republic. Khrushchev sent congratulations to Castro for repelling the invasion but privately believed the Americans would soon bring the weight of their regular army to bear. The defence of Cuba became a matter of prestige for the Soviet Union, and Khrushchev believed that the US would block all access to the island whether by sea or air.

Khrushchev agreed on a deployment plan in May 1962, chiefly in response to NATO positioning their nuclear missiles in Turkey in 1958, and by late July over 60 Soviet ships were en route to Cuba, some of them already carrying military material. A US U-2 flight on the morning of October 14 photographed a series of SAM (surface-to-air missile) sites being constructed.

In a televised address on October 22, US President John F. Kennedy announced the discovery of the installations and proclaimed that any nuclear missile attack from Cuba would be regarded as an attack by the Soviet Union and would be responded to accordingly. Khrushchev sent letters to Kennedy on October 23 and 24 claiming the deterrent nature of the missiles in Cuba and the peaceful intentions of the Soviet Union.

On October 26, the Soviets offered to withdraw the missiles in return for a US guarantee not to invade Cuba or support any invasion and to remove all missiles set in southern Italy and Turkey. This deal was accepted, and the crisis abated.

The missile crisis had a significant impact on the countries involved. While it led to a thaw in US-Soviet relations, it further strained Cuban-Soviet relations. Castro was not consulted throughout the Kennedy-Khrushchev negotiations and was angered by the unilateral Soviet withdrawal of the missiles and bombers. The People’s Republic of China likewise expressed concern about the outcome.

In 1972, Cuba joined the COMECON, an economic organization of states designed to create cooperation among the socialist planned economies dominated by the massive economy of the Soviet Union. Moscow kept in regular contact with Havana, sharing varying close relations until the collapse of the bloc in 1991. After the demise of the Soviet Union, Cuba entered an era of economic hardship known as the Special Period in Time of Peace.

The Cubans were deeply involved in international conflicts in Nicaragua and Angola on behalf of Russia. Cuba was fighting wars on behalf of Russia as their nominees, the Russians hoping that Cuba would mask the fact that these were Russian interventions and wars.

The Russians needed a foothold in the countries of the Eastern Caribbean group of islands and through Cuba, once again acting as the Russians nominees and front-man organization. The Cubans already had a man that they had long been training since his introduction in London to the Cubans by the Russians. That man at the time was studying and working in London and was a member of the British Communist Party, his name was Maurice Bishop, a newly passed lawyer, a man eager to serve communism and the Cubans, a man who later with the help of the Cubans became the revolutionary leader of his homeland Caribbean island of Grenada. Bishop attracted all the Marxist and communist scum from the other Caribbean islands, Ralph Gonsalves of St Vincent and the Grenadines among them.

After the fall of communism and the Soviet Union, Cuba maintained and built up relationships with other Latin American neighbours and non-aligned countries, as the only Marxist nation within the Western Hemisphere they went to work seriously to try and convert whomever they could to their Marxist-Leninist doctrine. With no financial help now from Russia, they had been for years indoctrinating and training selected receptive young students from the Americas and the Caribbean islands attending universities in Cuba.

Chile: Cuba contributed significantly to the erosion of Chile’s democratic institutions under Salvador Allende.

El Salvador’s elections: Cuban trained and supported guerrillas and terrorists attempted to wreck the March 20, 1988, legislative and mayoral elections with the bomb and the bullet, just as they had six years earlier when Salvadorans went to the polls in that country’s first free election.

Panama: In the same month, planeloads of Cuban arms was flown into the country. This development was fraught with peril to Panamanians and Americans. The arms were apparently cached in secret locations around the country.

They also wanted to overthrow the democratic leader Jose Napoleon Duarte of El Salvador.

Venezuela: The Cubans supplied trained terrorists to try and overthrow the democratic leader Romulo Betancourt.

Dominican Republic: The Cubans supplied trained terrorists to try and overthrow the military dictatorship of General Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic.

The Cubans knew the outbreak of even low-level terrorism in a country unused to serious violence could destabilize an already fragile, strategically vital nation even more.

The Castro regime is responsible for decades of sponsoring terrorism around and in the Americas and the Caribbean. Castro’s targets for subversion and terrorism had certainly been Venezuela and its leader Romulo Betancourt. So when Hugo Chavez came to power via a military coup, Fidel Castro could not believe his luck. It got better because the first thing Chavez did was to make contact with the Castro regime and ask for help

Today, the Cubans are still at it, but they have learned that violent terrorism does not work and is a slow process starting at the roots of the societies they wish to influence. They discovered as early as the 1980s that it was better to start at the head and work their way down than start at the root and try and grow heavy foliage. So no terrorists hiding in the jungles and isolated villages or, at the other end of the scale, no tanks on the streets either. No murders of politicians, merely a quiet, and soft velvet revolution and the capture of the minds of the ignorant and control of the recipient countries by a more scientific method of command starting with the heads. Almost all the ALBA heads of state are in those positions by Cuban intervention, or self worship of the Cuban system.

Cuban cancer eventually spread to Venezuela when their leader Hugo Chavez sold their sovereignty to Cuba, on the understanding that Cuba and Venezuela would become one state ‘The Bolivarian State of Cubzuela’. Fidel and his brother were nearing the end of their lives, and Fidel promised Chavez that he would be the president of Cubzuela. Fidel Castro was a very clever old man with a lawyer trained background and moulded the almost childlike Chavez like putty; Chavez was a mile behind in intelligence.

Castro’s Cuban think-tank invented a new method of initial alliance and called it ALBA. A name that captured the politically immature mind of Hugo Chavez who was now well and truly hooked, a Castro pez. When it was launched, ALBA had only two member states, Venezuela and Cuba. The idea was hatched by Fidel Castro and sold to Hugo Chavez. The overall plan was to capture the Latin Americas and Caribbean island governments and people without using Cuba’s usual route of training terrorists and causing guerrilla warfare to try and bring about revolution.

Cuba is a known Marxist-Leninist style communist state, and that is what Chavez had by now introduced to Venezuela. Castro and Chavez went about forming the Bolivarian Alliance (Alianza Bolivariana para Los Pueblos de Nuestra América) or ALBA organization. Unlike the previous Marxist-Leninist style of communism, the economic model espoused by ALBA is based loosely on a Trotskyite version of communism outlined by the Mexican academic Heinz Dieterich (who wrote the book on 21st century socialism).

ALBA is an explicitly anti-capitalist group. Five “socialist” Latin American nations –Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and Cuba – with Suriname, admitted to ALBA as a guest. The supporting institution of this movement,. The Caribbean countries that are also members of ALBA are Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts, and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Fidel Castro was disappointed when Hugo Chavez died, but all democracies in the hemisphere cheered when he died and also again later when Fidel Castro, fortunately, died as well. Providentially for Castro before he died he saw the Latin Americas’ chief scumbag, Nicolas Maduro, a Cuban university trained Marxist-Leninist communist take the Venezuelan dictatorship and commence to drive out all the upper and middle class citizens, hopefully on their part leaving Venezuela with just a peasant class, the same is happening in a smaller way in all ALBA member countries [including St Vincent and the Grenadines].

However, things have not gone well with the Venezuelan revolution; the Cubans had to send in their special forces, the ‘Black Wasps’, to snipe and kill rioting students. So after Cuba had sucked out vast volumes of below-cost oil from Venezuela, the Cubzuela option was taken off the table. It merely became a nonstarter on the death of Hugo Chavez, which was further compounded by the death of Fidel Castro.
Many of the Caribbean islands governorships had come from the democratic democracy loving United Kingdom. However, Cuba intended to change all that.

The current threats to democracy are well-camouflaged, despite no more tanks in the streets or rebel armies threatening to seize power, or insurgents and terrorism. Instead, Cuban influenced elected leaders are taking office and steadily eroding democratic freedoms, erasing the separation of powers, turning the judiciary into an arm of the executive and securing an unquestioning rubber stamp in the legislature.

The newly elected autocrats, in countries like Venezuela, are extending their terms of office, undercutting political discourse and benefiting from entrenched corruption. That corruption is both a cause and an effect of the undemocratic wave. In the face of vast numbers of sitting presidents and vice presidents and even prime ministers and other politicians across the region found to have taken bribes, along with the parade of former heads of state indicted and convicted, many Caribbean and Latin Americans are losing faith in the system. In every Caribbean and Latin American country, less than one-third of respondents said things are getting better.

Electoral fraud, sometimes referred to as election manipulation or vote rigging, is illegal interference with the process of an election, either by increasing the vote share of the favoured candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates, or both. In the ALBA countries, every election is rigged. St Vincent and the Grenadines and Venezuela are good exhibits, but they are all at it. The Cuban training school for vote rigging has trained election officials, politicians and police officers in how to rig the voting system in their own countries.

It is undeniable that, with the current march towards totalitarian states and communism by the rulers and leaders and particularly by ALBA member countries such as St Vincent and the Grenadines and the Gonsalves dynasty, things look bleak for struggling people whose lot has got worse by the minute. Of course, it is many times worse in Venezuela. However, it’s a common trait throughout the ALBA membership.

The details herein have been influenced or/and quoted from the following:



Jolly Green



  1. Jolly Green; The US TROLL who is wasting his time posting his verbal garden enhancing fertilizer.

    Here’s the answer in far fewer words, J.G.

    The USA’s so-called Democracy(?) is actually nothing but Capitalism, at its WORST.

    The ONLY people who BENEFIT by advocating ‘Democracy’, are the 1% at the very TOP of the financial pyramid.
    These 1% folks make more money, control more things, have a better all-round life, than the other 99% of American Citizens, COMBINED.

    They and the US Government’s, Military/Industrial Complex, and the Lobbyists in the US Congress who own the factories that make the, ‘Tools of War’, spend Billions of dollars, trying to cause Regime-Change, in ANY Socialist-Leaning countries’, particularly in Latin America. The latest being Venezuela and Nicaragua, as well as Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay.
    Look at what they are STILL trying to do in Syria.
    Their ceaseless nonsensical rhetoric towards Russia and China as a Terrifying Enemy of America, is absolutely mystifying to a well-informed observer.

    We in the affluent countries’, are watching our OWN Capitalist System break down, as jobs disappear to technology, robotics, business closures etc.
    Where will the current crop of young student graduates (and others), find steady, sustainable employment?

    The ‘fit is going to hit the shan’, insurrection-wise, in the next year or two in the good ol’ USA, when the unemployed population exceeds the decreasing number of Employed workers’.

    Your 21-TRILLION DOLLAR (and Growing), National Debt, PLUS the INTEREST on this money, is a crippling nut to crack. YET, you have a president who is INCREASINGLY building New Military Bases (Billions OF $’s), all over the world – 2 in Brazil, 2 in Argentina, 1 in Columbia, 2 in Paraguay, a LARGE new one in Australia.
    Add this cost to the expenses of OPERATING and SUPPLYING the EXISTING 800-PLUS bases surrounding China and Russia, etc.

    On the other side of the coin, is Socialism.

    Socialism is just ANOTHER FORM OF GOVERNANCE, not necessarily Wrong, but Different.
    The main difference being, the people at the BOTTOM of the spectrum are the FIRST to Benefit.

    No, there is not a lot of money to go around, but there is something else, far more important going on. It is governance by people WHO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR CITIZENRY.

    I am a Canadian Citizen who is married to a Cuban Lady and I spend a good deal of time in Cuba.
    Yes, there are occasional shortages of some foods or other commodities, but on the whole, it is a very safe country, with well-educated citizens (average grade level is grade 9).

    Medical and Educational resources to University Levals, are FREE to ALL Cuban citizens’ if they choose. If they are not up to the standard required to enter University, they are entered into trade schools, to take the trade of their choice. Eat your heart out USA!

    I talk to a lot of young people, since my step-children are 15, 24 and 26-years old, and their friends are always in our casa visiting or just chatting. They are ALL well-informed of what is going on around the world and who is doing what!

    In Cuba, there are MANY television stations available from countries all over the world. There is one major difference between the US News Media’s presentations and the rest of the world’s News Media’s!
    They DON’T GIVE THEIR PERSONAL OPINIONS of the news, (as the USA News media does), they just show what is happening around the world. It is UP TO YOU to piece the various bits of information together, to get the big picture.

    The people that I talk to, KNOW about the USA’s involvement in trying to destabilize their government and country.
    They know all about USAID, ZUN ZENEO, Radio and TV Marti, and many other nefarious US Government’s Endeavours, Bio-terrorism, etc., used to try to destroy their food sources, country and their government.

    They ALSO feel compassion toward American citizen’s, for the foibles forced upon you by your current President.

    Socialism is NOT your Enemy, American Citizen’s!
    YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT’S Military/Industrial/Complex IS!

  2. Isn’t the truth annoying Don? You write about the Americans but fail to answer what has been written about the Cubans. Most of us know that’s true, it’s not the Cuban people, they are lovely, it’s the Castro’s and the communist party which are crap.

    My advice to you Don is to do the right thing if you want to support the nasty regime go there and do it, why waste your time in Canada? But I suppose the answer to that is you could not live under that system, you could not survive there financially, its OK for Cubans but not for you.

    • Simon:
      Every Citizen of Every Nation, has to follow the rules of the Government that is currently in power.
      I don’t think you have followed the intent of the NEW Constitution that is being Democratically voted on, by Cuban Citizen’s, both IN and OUT of the Country.
      The word (and doctrine) ‘Communist’, is NOT mentioned anywhere in the new Documents.

      If you have paid any attention to the latest round of comments’ at the UN re: the ending of the Embargo by the United States, on Cuba, you would have observed that the speeches made by ALL the nations and GROUPS OF NATIONS, chastised the United States government, for keeping this draconian instrument in place.
      ALL NATIONS’ except the USA and its LAPDOG, ISRAEL, that is.

      Secondly, did you notice how graciously Diaz Canel, was received on his ASEAN tour recently? He generated numerous trade deals to the benefit of Cuba, as a result of his knowledge and demeanor.

      The USA has lost BILLIONS of dollars because of their Foolish Embargo Policy. Other nations have taken advantage of the USA’s Stubborn, ridiculous, reticence, in dealing with Cuba.


      Thirdly; I am well aware that things are somewhat tough in Cuba, commodity-wise, BUT, when the fruits of Diaz Canel’s labour, from his world-wide recent tour, starts to produce results, Cuba will be the envy of EVERY Caribbean, Central and South American Country.
      Much to the Chagrin of America’s ruling elite (and YOU also), Simon.

      I can’t think of anywhere else that is as safe, has plenty of NON-GMO Vegetables and Fruit, and has a very low Citizen Stress Level, than Cuba.
      Deny this if you choose, Simon, but I am more than willing to call Cuba, home.

  3. Well written and researched Jolly Green. It is a pleasure to read factually presented dialogue and it is equally pleasing to read the response of Don From Canada / Cuba whose comments are primarily a major symptom of TDS. Don is obviously a graduate o the Socialist / Marxist brain washing educational system who believes that simply spouting Communist talking points to the masses is accomplishing something. It’s really working very well in Cuba and Venezuela.

  4. Richard;


    Whilst we are chatting about Brain Washing, let me bring up a very similar symptom, DIVERSION, used by your own government (USA), to subjugate the masses!
    Did you ever wonder why there is a plethora of Baseball, Football, Basketball and NASCAR Races, Tailgate Parties, etc. on weekend Television?
    This happens every weekend when the overworked, underpaid, wage earner/head(s) of the American family, gets time to relax and unwind with a brew or two on the couch in the living room. These sports(?) events usually encompass the full weekend time off, of the typical head of the household.

    In my humble opinion, these sports events are a DIVERSION, to accomplish ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY! To keep the American Public fully occupied, so that they don’t get a chance to watch or investigate world-wide news sources that would show what DASTARDLY THINGS your nefarious Military is implementing on smaller, less well armed countries’, ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    The average American Family, just doesn’t know (or Care to Know) what is going on only 30 Miles (50 k’s) away from their abodes.

    This does two things.
    1. It doesn’t inform the American Public that MANY other countries have Military Equipment and Armies’ etc. that are equal to, IF NOT BETTER, than ANYTHING that the USA HAS.
    2. It makes the enlistment of these UNINFORMED individuals’ a very easy matter, when they are told that, ‘your country is under attack and we need your help to vanquish our enemy’. They are then indoctrinated with the words, ‘you are the greatest equipped, toughest fighting force in the world’, and they foolishly believe this rhetoric.

    They graduate from training, believing that they are an absolutely invincible force and are shipped off to an unknown (to them) war zone on the other side of the globe
    Reality soon strikes home when they see their buddies being killed and dropping like flies.

    If they are lucky they don’t get killed! When they come home with P.T.S.D. and their families have to fight with YOUR government to get them help or financial Compensation, they and their other compatriots’ will soon realize that they have just been used as Cannon-Fodder – TO WHAT END!

    They have been sent to attack another Sovereign Country on the other side of the world, so that the Owners of the US factories’ that manufacture ‘THE TOOLS OF WAR’, can make a HUGE PILE OF MONEY.

    This is the reality of your ‘REAL’ UNITED STATES POLITICAL LEADERS – The Military/Industrial/Complex and the Privately-Owned, Federal Reserve Banks, who lend YOUR Government the funds to purchase these TOOLS OF WAR and ALSO collect the HUGE AMOUNT of interest on this money (your 21-TRILLION PLUS NATIONAL DEBT).

    This is the way it IS, and always HAS been, in the Good ol’ USA.
    Sorry to rain on your parade, US Citizens’ – IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO WAKE UP and SPEAK UP!

    • Amen. But review some of the asinine comments from people like C. Ben-David, and you will see that you are wasting your time on this site. These people honestly believe the region was better off under British colonialism – against all the available evidence. It is a brand of Caribbean self-hate that you may never understand.

  5. The fatal flaw in you argument, as usual, is that the “red tide” has failed to reach shore anywhere in the insular Caribbean except Cuba where it is now running backward as even that country is embracing more capitalism by the day in the tourist and other industries.

    You are beating a dying horse.

    The war of ideas and their implementation has been won and the winner, hands down, is capitalism all around the globe with a few basket-case holdouts like North Korea the exceptions proving the rule.

    The Caribbean political Marxists are hypocritical at best: politically and economically radical in their talk and members in paper tigers like ALBA few people in the region have ever heard of but opposite in their deeds, the best example being Ralph Gonsalves in St. Vincent and the Grenadines who never met a capitalist running dog he didn’t love and didn’t want to invest in (read: “take over” from a Marxist perspective) his country.

    At most, these Caribbean countries have embraced only a few state-run enterprises — health care, education, retirement insurance, banking, policing, etc. — just like their Western society counterparts while allowing competition in each of these spheres by private-sector interests such as for-profit health care, private schools, personal insurance plans, private banking, etc.

    Again, much ado about nothing, Peter.

    Stop your paranoia and join reality.

  6. c. ben-David;

    You, like most Anti-Cuban Socialism individuals’, seem to overlook one MAJOR DIFFERENCE between the Extraterritorial advancement of the ‘American Brand’ of Democracy, (nee Capitalism) ALL OVER THE WORLD!

    Simply to overpower by FORCE or SANCTIONING, EVERY smaller, less-defended, victim nation. in order to Steal ALL of their Natural Resources in one manner or another!
    I note that Macron, May and Merkel, have told you to stick your ‘US Military Protection Scam’, where the sun doesn’t shine.
    More countries’ WILL follow!

    You can fool SOME of the people, SOME of the time but, you can’t fool ALL of the people, ALL of the time.


    Little Cuba, offers assistance, ONLY when asked to do so and doesn’t have over 800-PLUS military bases strewn all over the world.
    Just WHO is the aggressor in this scenario – go figure!

    Remember folks, Socialism is NOT to be feared – It is just another FORM of Governance, SUCK IT UP!

    Don D.

  7. Cuba is among the worst of all users of GM produced foods. Cuban officials announced in 2017 that the island is turning to genetically modified organisms (GMO) to help feed its increasingly hungry population. Officials in Havana hope that GMO foods will boost Cuba’s corn production to 140 bushels per acre and the soybean yield above 40 bushels per acre.

    Also as a known dirty state by intelligent people, the Cubans rapid developments in biotechnology, genetics, and genomics are undoubtedly creating a variety of worries about environmental, ethical, political and social challenges for advanced societies because Cuba is basically out of control. Their actions also have severe implications for international peace and security because they open up great avenues for the creation of new biological weapons. The genetically engineered ‘superbug’—highly lethal and resistant to environmental influence or any medical treatment—is only a small part of this story. Much more alarming, from an arms-control perspective, are the possibilities of developing entirely novel weapons from the knowledge provided by biomedical research—developments that are already taking place. Such weapons, designed for new types of conflicts and warfare scenarios, secret operations or sabotage activities, are not mere science fiction but are increasingly becoming a reality that we have to face. Here, we provide a systematic overview of the possible impact of biotechnology on the development of biological weapons.

    The Cubans by using genetic engineering, biological researchers have already developed new weapons that are much more effective than their natural counterparts. Countless examples from the daily work of molecular biologists could be presented here, not least the introduction of antibiotic resistance into bacterial pathogens, which today is routine work in almost any microbiology laboratory. Indeed, many research projects in basic science show—sometimes unwillingly and unwittingly—how to overcome current scientific and technological limits in the military use of pathogenic agents.

    The Cubans adoption and research in genetic engineering is not merely a theoretical possibility for future biowarfare: it has already been applied in past weapons programmes in the former Soviet Union. One example is the USSR’s ‘invisible anthrax,’ resulting from the introduction of an alien gene into Bacillus anthracis that altered its immunological properties (Pomerantsev et al., 1997). Existing vaccines proved to be ineffective against this new genetically engineered strain.

    Talking of novel weapons other than biological, the Cubans have also developed handheld microwave weapons, and they have been using them on diplomats in Cuba, China and more recently North Korea. The New York Times wrote an interesting story as recent as this September 2018.



    The incredible thing is Peter Binose knew about it as early as 2014 and wrote about it. Peter Binose sniffed out what the Cubans were doing told the story which everyone ignored

    “My Cuban friends told me told me at the weekend that Cuba has been developing a handheld microwave weapon. A weapon that seriously damages eyesight, causes strokes, and fries the brain, giving the effect of senility to those who are targeted. It’s apparently for use during demonstrations, a way of eventually eliminating demonstrators, and therefore demonstrations.”

    “There has been a coalition of the willing working on it, of almost the same group and makeup as those who shafted us over the Argyle airport: Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea.”


    At the time Peter’s letter published by Caribbean News was considered so far-fetched no one dared even to make a comment on the letter, not even dirty Don.

    I wrote about it in the Caribbean News


    Cuba is a nasty dirty, aggressive country a communist cancer of the Caribbean, and so are all those ugly little upstarts such as the Gonsalves and many other ALBA leaders.

    Don from Northern Canada, his only defense is to attack the USA, he just cannot deny [although he does] what is written about Cuba because it’s all true and can be read about on multiple sites.

  8. Even the FARC rebels in Colombia were created by Cuba, selected funded and trained in Cuba. Another dirty stinking action by the Castro’s and supported and approved by all the other dirty filth created by Cuba, eh Ralph.

  9. Jolly Mouldy Green;
    I have never read such a pile of US-Government-Financed B.S. in my life.

    For you to spout off the nonsense above, is BEYOND LUDICROUS SENTIMENT, INDEED.

    How many Bio-Organism Labs does the USA have, who are actually working OVERTIME to produce plant, animal and human extermination in various degrees, at this PRESENT MOMENT?

    These dangerous organisms have been SUCCESSFULLY APPLIED to Cuba.
    Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreaks, resulting in many thousands of deaths, also to the collapse of the honey bee population and the Swine Flue introduction, which called for the slaughter of the ENTIRE ISLAND’S SWINE population.
    It doesn’t end there!
    The USA also introduced bacteria that caused the eradication of milking Cattle output on the island PLUS, MANY CROP DESTROYING VIRUS’ – Banana, Sugar Cane and MANY other crops were destroyed, that brought in badly-needed revenue to the country.

    TO BE SUCCINCT – The US GOVERNMENT and it’s Nefarious Agencies’, have been absolute A-HOLES, and CONTINUE to be so!

    Everything you lied about Cuba doing, THE USA HAS, AND IS DOING, to nations that don’t, or won’t accept, their Tyrannical Concept of American-Style, ‘Democracy’!

    You have proved BEYOND A DOUBT, that you are gainfully employed by the WORLD’S LARGEST TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, whose world-wide credibility rating is at least a Minus 10, on a scale of 1 to 10.

    Do you NOT understand that the WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING WHAT YOU (Representing the USA Government) SAY, and is knowledgeable of the atrocities the US has, and is doing, EVERYWHERE.
    The Internet sees ALL HAPPENINGS, J.G.

    Don D.

  10. Jolly G.

    If you REALLY want to know about a lethal weapon that is going to be used against the citizens’ of a country, read about the the new 5 G Networks and the ‘Gwen Systems’, that are being prepared for installation in the US and Canada.
    THIS should REALLY get YOU texting YOUR OWN government.
    YOU are one of the recipients of the ‘benefits’, of these lethal systems.

    You have no doubt, heard the theme espoused by the ROTHSCHILDS Group and followers, ‘that the Ideal world population be limited to a MAXIMUM POPULATION of 500-Million Individuals’, I presume.
    The 5 G system is an important component in the achievement of this exercise.

    YOUR COUNTRY is one of the main players in the achievement of this scheme. HA or JA, if that suits you.

    Don D.

  11. I can’t imagine why anyone would take this anti-Cuban, anti- Venezuelan, anti-ALBA, anti- Marxist-Leninist, anti- Socialist, anti-Ralph Gonsalves, pro-capitalist imperialist running dog, propagandist, and last but not in the least, master plagiarizer Jolly de Folly Green seriously, really?

    Talking about “master plagiarizer”!

    Didn’t anyone notice that the paragraph on “…the Cuban rapid development in biotechnology…” in his comment was copied, stolen, from an article entitled “Genetic engineering and biological weapons” by Jan van Aken and Edward Hammond?


    Ha! Ha! Ha! Jolly Green is one piece of work isn’t he/she… and, a bold faced liar also.

    Take for example his “…Cuba is among the worst of all users of GM produced foods”. Not true! The USA is among the worst of all users and producers of GM products.

    And again his “Cuban officials announced in 2017 that the island is turning to genetically modified organisms (GMO) to help feed its increasingly hungry population”. Another big lie!

    Cuban officials said no such things. Those are the words of one Rev. Ben Johnson in his article, “Cuban officials embrace GMOs to feed hungry population, but groups push back”. Where Ben Johnson deliberately misconstrued the words presented in the article in “Granma”, dealing with the results from a workshop on GMOs, held months ago (March 2017) in Cuba “under the auspices of the scientific councils of the Institute of Animal Science (ICA) and the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB)…”

    According to Dr Garcia, Director at the CIGB he states: “At present we are working on obtaining new transgenic hybrid corn lines, which on a small experimental plot scale, show potential yields of nine ton / ha, well close to the levels reached by the leading world countries in this production. If we successfully complete all the tests required by the Cuban regulatory bodies, by the spring of 2017 we could start introducing them in larger areas of land, opening the future possibility of replacing the purchases of this cereal in the outside world… the order of the hundreds of millions of dollars “.

    @ Jolly Green: “For the good that [you] desire, [you] do not do; but the evil that [you] do not want, this [you] practice”.

    As I said before, one should not take this Jolly Green seriously, never! He/she serves one purpose only and that is…Never to do good, but evil continually”.

    Viva Cuba! Viva la revolución!

  12. Vinciman:
    Thank you very much the very accurate backup info which counters the absolutely abysmal rhetoric disseminated by the American Government-Sponsored TROLL, Jolly Folly, Mouldy Green.

    The fact that he has upped his rhetoric to an alarming degree of prevarication, shows that his bosses (you know who), are becoming concerned that people are spreading the knowledge of what the US Government IS CAPABLE, and IS actually DOING, to discredit the Cuban Socialist Model of Government.
    Not ONLY the Cuban Government, but ALL Socialist-Leaning, SOVEREIGN Nations.
    Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and in the ASEAN Group, and MANY other smaller, defenseless Countries’, come to mind.

    The world is fast realizing what a huge, Terrorist Nation, the United States Government REALLY IS.

    Don D.

  13. Viva Ralph Gonsalves, Viva Communism, Viva Cuba, Viva Venezuela, Viva Nicholas Maduro, Viva ALBA and all the member leaders.

    Viva Vinciman, Viva Don From Northern Canada

    May we the communist’s rule and Marxist-Leninism will succeed.

    Viva the memory of Fidel Castro Ruz, Viva the memory of Maurice Bishop, Viva the memory of Hugo Chavez.

  14. Vinciman:
    Thank you very much the very accurate backup info which counters the absolutely abysmal rhetoric disseminated by the American Government-Sponsored TROLL, Jolly Folly, Mouldy Green.
    The fact that he has upped his rhetoric to an alarming degree of prevarication, shows that his bosses (you know who), are becoming concerned that people are spreading the knowledge of what the US Government IS CAPABLE, and IS actually DOING, to discredit the Cuban Socialist Model of Government.
    Not ONLY the Cuban Government, but ALL Socialist-Leaning, SOVEREIGN Nations.
    Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and in the ASEAN Group, and MANY other smaller, defenseless Countries’, come to mind.
    The United States Military Organization consists of massive bullying of smaller nations through Financial Sanctions and Regime-Change Operations.
    The world is FINALLY realizing what a huge Terrorist Organization, the United States Government REALLY IS.
    Don From Canada

  15. Spot-on, Viciman:
    I have tried 4 times to respond favourably to your post Vinciman.

    I suppose that the ‘NEW’ partnerships that the Caribbean News Now, has formed with fellow news sources around the world, now caters directly to the right wing, so as to not offend the (their opinion, NOT mine), ‘Leader of the free(?) world Nation’, located south of Canada.

    I will not waste my time and thought process, trying to educate the uninformed folks, of the Dangers of assimilating America-Generated neoliberalism, at ANY cost.
    Best of luck, citizens of the South!

  16. Don darling, of course, the commentators have no personal opinions on Cuban media “They DON’T GIVE THEIR PERSONAL OPINIONS of the news” because they can only give the opinions they are instructed to provide. The whole TV and radio are rigged and controlled by the State and by the Party; they report what they are told to say. They make comments they are instructed to make. Every word uttered is pre-approved and cannot be deviated from.

    Even in the approved and licensed Catholic Church’s the priest has to submit all sermons and public address speeches to a State inspector’s office for the sermon to be approved. Then an inspector sits in the church and listens to the sermon for any deviation of the approved sermon script. Should the priest use different words which the inspectors disapprove, the priest will lose his license to preach to his communion. No church can exist without State and Communist Part approval, so secret churches are held in people’s homes and houses. Those caught holding and attending such illegal churches are sent to prison.

    Recently the World Bank [WB] provided data for Cuba from 1991 to 2017. The average value for Cuba during that period was 4.43 percent with a minimum of 1.58 percent in 2008 and a maximum of 9.19 percent in 1991.

    The WB states that unemployment rate seldom declines below 4-5 percent even during boom times. There are always people who move between different sectors of the economy or between cities. When the economy goes into recession, then unemployment can reach much higher numbers, sometimes even in the double digits.

    According to Cuba’s National Office of Statistics wages in Cuba averaged 494.4 pesos ($18.66) monthly from 2008 to 2015.

    Like all communist systems, Cuba massages the figures and claims only a 2.25% unemployment rate. When this type of government gives figures, they do not want the outside world to know the truth, so they blatantly change the statistics. If you think back during the ‘Grenada Revolution’ Cuba instructed Maurice Bishop to keep two sets of accounts, one set that no one ever saw and are never made public, the real statistics. And one set with figures to fool international investors, the World Bank, and the IMF. How do we know that quite simple all the instructions from Cuba to Bishop were collected by the US military and taken back to the Maryland Military Record Office and copied on microfiche? Then made available for all to see.

    Cuba is a nasty communist state, those abroad like you Don darling that support the Cuban communist party and its dirty leadership are themselves no better than them. Because even people like Don know the truth but choose to write and repeat a whole lot of falsities merely because they support and worship the Cuban system. They are therefore unable to admit the truth publicly because their adored state of communist Cuba would look so bad.

  17. One can only agree my dear Jolly Green, with your noted sentiments that for sure that “The Caribbean and the Latin Americas are still suffering the red tide created by Cuba” for we see it all over and everywhere in the hemisphere, indeed just note this as an example in St Vincent and the Grenadines; “finishing the work of Maurice Bishop”

    And as one infected nation after the other falls under this red tide, notice this too in Venezuela: “With hyperinflation of one million per cent, civil society has broken down. Unions organise giant strikes to persuade Maduro to change course. The UN says the rule of law is “virtually absent” and accuses the security police of killing hundreds.”

    Marked human tragedy indeed that the adherents and the die-hard followers of this failed economic philosophical nonsense that resonates in the Marxian political ideology.

    Brazil too likewise, where wealth was decimated and misappropriated, landing to some individuals being behind bars. But it never ceases to amaze me as to how these adherents of this obviously failed ideology berates Capitalism, but nevertheless, yet choose to run away from their failed economies and to live and crave the advantages of the very system that they claim to so much hate.

    They first take flight and flee, making their escape to the USA, if they can get in, or to Canada next best, only to be swiftly followed by the very poor people that they claim to be so much champions of. What gross hypocrites! Those infected poor people who are often seen to repeat their foolish slogans however, are left to risk their lives climbing border walls and fences to achieve those unfulfilled dreams that the failed system could never deliver.

  18. Nancy Jo;
    Re your comment in response, Nancy Jo November 27, 2018 at 8:39 pm
    ‘Don darling, of course, the commentators have no personal opinions on Cuban media “They DON’T GIVE THEIR PERSONAL OPINIONS of the news” because they can only give the opinions they are instructed to provide’.
    Nancy, If you had read what I posted, ACCURATELY, you wouldn’t have made such a ridiculous, non-related reply.
    For your information I posted the following:-
    ‘In Cuba, there are MANY television stations available from countries all over the world. There is one major difference between the US News Media’s presentations and the rest of the world’s News Media’s!’ . . .
    I have tried several times to post this info on Caribbean News Now. It seems that the views from Socialist-leaning contributors. are intentionally scorned or withheld from publication by Caribbean
    Play your little games, but in the back of your minds’, you KNOW that Socialism will slowly come to the fore in countries that actually CARE about their citizens’ welfare. It’s plainly obvious if you take your heads out of the sand, or believe ANYTHING that the USA’s News Medias’ say or promote.
    Don D.

  19. Keep an eye on the USA’s Belligerence and verbal affronts’ regarding Nicaragua. They, (USA, through the OAS, USAID, CIA, US-financed NGO’s, Sanctions, etc.) are spending BILLIONS of $’s on ‘Regime-Change Activities’, to ensure the FAILURE of the ONLY Central American Country whom is showing extremely profitable growth.

    Former Vice-President, Joe Biden, tried to make an example through US-Style Democracy(?), (in reality, nothing but outright Capitalism), of the three adjacent countries – Guatemala, Honduras and Al Salvador. This turned out to be a monumental failure, once the US government started to pillage the natural resources of these three countries’.

    Now, with things TOTALLY out of control in these 3 former sovereign states, you Americans’ are seeing the results of your government’s forays and interference, right at your own Border with Mexico. These people are fleeing to wherever they will be accepted, because IT IS TOO DANGEROUS to return to their Home Countries.

    Meanwhile, Nicaragua is forging ahead financially, DESPITE, the USA Government’s OVERWHELMING nefarious actions’, to destabilize their country and their government.

    Somebody has to broadcast what the US Government is trying to accomplish in Central and South America and the Caribbean, as well as in every smaller, resource-rich, country in the world, that they can overwhelm with sanctions’ or through outright FEAR OF BEING ATTACKED!

    Not a very good record so far, US Government’s Military Industrial Complex!

    Don D.

  20. Good Morning Don

    The Castro dictatorship took Cuba by violence. The lies that it was a popular revolution of the people are blatantly untrue.

    The Castros and Che Guevara personally themselves summarily executed hundreds of people by shooting them in the back of the head, without a proper trial of any kind. Fortunately for the world, Guevara and Fidel Castro are dead and rotting as so much manure which is all they were ever fit for. We still have to see the world rid of Raul Castro and all the dirty stinking Cuban collaborators such as Ralph Gonsalves and hundreds of others.

    All Cuban collaborators are part of the Red Tide and as such members of the manure brigade.

    Che Guevara wrote a letter to his father in 1957 and to his abandoned wife. In the letter to her, he wrote, “I’m here in Cuba’s hills, alive and thirsting for blood.” Then, to his father, “I really like killing.” The man was a clinical sadist, whereas Fidel Castro you could describe as a psychopath in that the murders did not affect him one way or the other. It was a means to an end – the consolidation of his one-man rule. Che has a famous quote, where he wrote, a revolutionary has to become “a cold killing machine.” The thing was, Che Guevara was anything but cold. He was a warm killing machine. He relished the slaughter.

    • G.T.
      I have a hard time accepting what you believe to be, reality.

      Here is a list of countries that the Good ol’ USA, invaded in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

      1. Puerto Rico and Cuba – 1898
      2. Mexico – 1914 – 1918
      3. Haiti – 1915 – 1934
      4. Guatemala – 1954
      5. Cuba – 1961
      6. Dominican Republic – 1965
      7. Nicaragua – 1981 – 1990
      8. Grenada – 1983
      9. Panama – 1989
      10. Currently, through ‘Constant Regime-Change-Activity’, to ensure the collapse of latent Socialism: –
      Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Peru
      Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Cuba and a host of Asian, Arabian, and European Countries.

      G.T. You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion and I accept that.

      I use reality as a guide for my statements, gleaned from an enormous amount of investigative reading and research.

      A little ditty about your guiding light from Florida, the former Cuban Embelisher and besmircher, Marco Rubio.
      A Batista follower, who left Cuba before he or his family were threatened, then went to the Calle Ocho District in Miami, and promptly declared that he and his family had barely escaped alive, from Cuba.
      He is under the false assumption that the USA will attack Cuba and he will go back and take a position of power, along with his anti-Cuban cohorts, from their hideaway in the bastions of power in the US Political Structure.


      Sorry about your luck G.T., R.C.I. (Russia, China, India) military allies of Cuba, among others, will see to that, my friend.

      Don D.

  21. Don, darling little boy, your continual calling of subscribers here as TROLLs of the US is unfounded. I doubt from the comments I read from those such as Mr Green that he has ever been to the US, his spelling proves that to me. If the title Troll should be applied it should be applied to you as a Cuban Troll and the worst kind of a paid propagandist, a Lord Haw-Haw. An army of trolls such as you Don have fake and real accounts on social media, they monitor everything that is said about Cuba on the internet and they are ready to counteract any comment made against the Castro government. The Cuban trolls’ strategy to defend the island on the web.

    This is not about the US, it’s about Cuba and your continual reference to the US is little more than a smoke screen to save you answering the truthful commentaries about Cuba who are little more than a rogue state who are now and have been for years sponsors of terrorism.

  22. Nancy Jo:
    My posts NOT about the USA’s TROLL, Activities?
    Give your pretty little head a shake, N.J.

    What OTHER nation has interfered Politically, Militarily, Financially (Sanctions), Technically (NASA),
    with Bio-warfare Dissemination on the Cuban people, crops and animals, and who knows how many other countries’?
    The Zun Zuneo fiasco, established by the head of USAID at the time, Hillary Killary.

    The above description of a TROLL NATION Couldn’t be more clear, even to a supposed well-informed denier, such as yourself.

    Take a look of the last two presentations that the warmongering Nikky Haley, US, UN Rep., has had thrown back in her face by the majority of United Nations constituents:-
    1.To end the US Embargo on Cuba.
    2. To describe Palestine as the aggressor, in defending itself from the US/Israeli destruction of its country.

    Nancy Jo, you have connected yourself to a ‘dying empire’, politically.

    The whole world is privy to ALL the bad things the USA has done and IS STILL DOING.
    Unfortunately, many folks know what is going on in their country’s Military/Industrial/Complex-Run Government, but choose to ignore it because it doesn’t actually affect their lives – in other words , their life is good, so why worry?
    This will possibly be coming to a great screeching halt

    Have you noticed how many countries are forming alliances with the three Power-House Military Nations, particularly in a Defense category. The RCI group, Russia, China, India, have aligned themselves as somewhat of an overbalance to USA Hegemony and Neoliberalism advances, to their (RCI’s) new alliance partners.
    This might not bode well for the USA or ANY of its coup-related, puppet presidents’ if they decide to attack ANY of the Socialist-Leaning, Sovereign Nations, such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, amongst others.

    The USA ALWAYS introduces their Invasions (which they call wars), AWAY From the US Mainland. This time, their potential adversaries (RCI), HAVE and KNOW HOW TO USE, weaponry that the USA only WISHES that they possessed!
    Where do YOU think the reprisals will be aimed for any Aggression by USA-Controlled Forces, against the aforementioned countries?
    The response will be felt where it hurts the most, I would think.

    It’s a scary world when reality strikes home, isn’t it Nancy Jo?

    What country has little Cuba attacked without being invited to help out militarily?

    Does Cuba or any of the other Socialist-Oriented Sovereign Nations, have 800-plus military bases staged all around the globe, sucking up their tax-payers dollars?

    Maybe it IS TIME, to start worrying about what your Warmongering US Military espouses with its Uninvited Invasions’, all over the world.

    Don D.

  23. G.T.

    Here is a list of countries that the Good ol’ USA, invaded in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

    1. Puerto Rico and Cuba – 1898
    2. Mexico – 1914 – 1918
    3. Haiti – 1915 – 1934
    4. Guatemala – 1954
    5. Cuba – 1961
    6. Dominican Republic – 1965
    7. Nicaragua – 1981 – 1990
    8. Grenada – 1983
    9. Panama – 1989
    10. Currently, through ‘Constant Regime-Change-Activity’, to ensure the collapse of latent Socialism: –
    Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Peru
    Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Cuba and a host of Asian, Arabian, and European Countries.

    G.T. You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion and I accept that.

    I use reality as a guide for my statements, gleaned from an enormous amount of investigative reading and research.

    A little ditty about your guiding light from Florida, the former Cuban Embelisher and besmircher, Marco Rubio.
    A Batista follower, who left Cuba before he or his family were threatened, then went to the Calle Ocho District in Miami, and promptly declared that he and his family had barely escaped alive, from Cuba.
    He is under the false assumption that the USA will attack Cuba and he will go back and take a position of power, along with his anti-Cuban cohorts, from their hideaway in the bastions of power in the US Political Structure.


    Sorry about your luck G.T., R.C.I. (Russia, China, India) military allies of Cuba, among others, will see to that, my friend.

    Don D.

  24. Nancy Jo.
    I have one account on social media, AND ONE ONLY, F.Y.I. Quite unlike some of your other Multi-Named contributors. I don’t need a handful of names to get my points across – one, is quite enough!

    Anyone who defends the USA by WHATEVER Means, hasn’t taken the time to research the activities of EVERYONE of ANY POLITICAL CAPACITY.
    USAID, one of 17 nefarious Acronym divisions of the CIA, does not have ANY controlling Elected US government official, EXCEPT The CIA, who is the ONLY group that has access to the amount of hidden, budgeted funds the USAID spends.
    Even the name USAID is a misnomer! It really means Aid TO the USA. It funds Dissidents and the TROLLS (that YOU say, Don’t Exist), to destabilize Sovereign Governments in order to cause Regime-Change Activity, in the CIA-Directed, victim sovereign Nation selected.

    Eg. The former Ukraine President and his Democratically elected government.
    The CIA, through USAID, forwarded OVER 5-Billion (with a B), US Dollars To Dissidents AND TROLLS to replace by a Coup, financed with this gigantic whack of money, to put a US-Puppet President in place in Ukraine, in order to make Ukraine a NATO site, also to remove Russia’s ONLY access to the Black Sea. Hence Russia’s action in Crimea, to regain its former port.

    This is only ONE of the HUNDREDS of similar situations covered by ONLY ONE of the 17 Diabolical Branches of the CIA.
    THIS is what US Government-Centric, TROLLS DO!

    F.Y.I., DISSIDENTS’ are foreign-paid, citizens of a country who cause whatever trouble they are directed to do, against their own government or elected officials.
    TROLLS are Foreign, Government-paid, Non-Residents’ of the country or Government they are trying to dismantle or destabilize.
    To me, they are both despicable, as you have obviously surmised!

    Don D.

    • Again, amen!

      The slavish mentality so abundant in our region practically ensures an army of trolls at the disposal of the Yankee puppet masters and it would seem that this site is well populated with them.

    • Don, you should be teaching in an American University. You have that propaganda thing down pat. Or perhaps a Russian University. You have surely been well indoctrinated to allow you to teach a subject about which you are so familiar. LOL. Hope you saw the article about Cuba today regarding their first baby step towards Capitalism.

      • Richard C.
        I don’t think I have been indoctrinated, Richard.
        I am just reporting things that the average person doesn’t take the time or effort to investigate. Everything that I post is what the US Military/Industrial Complex actually does, or, is STILL in progress.
        People who are always looking forward to going to the USA, the so-called, ‘Land of the Free'(?), and had better be prepared for a government that doesn’t care ONE IOTA, about your safety, OR your life!
        If you are a coloured person or a Hispanic, your life isn’t worth two cents in
        the average American City. The only city that MAYBE thinks otherwise, is Miami. You had better be prepared for enormous corruption everywhere you look, since everyone in the US is able (and willing), to carry a gun. Not only for protection, but to settle differences of opinion also.

        The USA sounds like a rosy place to visit or live but the reality is on the TV evening or early morning News when the number of overnight murder count is announced.
        You are better off in the country you are in right now!

        Get involved, make your OWN country GREAT AGAIN!
        Don D.

  25. So what category do you put yourself in, a TROLL or what, because you certainly are not a normal person with your support for rubbish countries with rubbish rulers?

    You wrote this disgusting rubbish. “F.Y.I., DISSIDENTS’ are foreign-paid, citizens of a country who cause whatever trouble they are directed to do, against their own government or elected officials.” What you are trying to say is that people cannot disagree with their government unless they are paid by a foreign government. So who are you paid by Don?
    A dissident, broadly defined, is a person who actively challenges an established doctrine, policy, or institution. In a religious context, the word has been used since 18th century, and in the political sense since 1940, coinciding with the rise of totalitarian systems, especially the Soviet Union.

    We are not talking about the USA, we are talking about the scumbaggery of Cuba and her supporters. If you want to talk and write about the USA, then do that, write about the USA.

    Throwing up a smoke screen using the USA to excuse the scumbaggery of Cuber and her supporters do not make it any less relevant what Cuba has been doing in creating and supporting terrorism in Africa, the Americas, and the Caribbean.

    Cuba is a rubbish state with a rubbish system and that is nothing to do with the US or this article by Jolly Green.

  26. Nancy Jo.
    I, like you, am entitled to an opinion on the things I see and research.

    The Dissidents that I am relating to, are under the employ of the United States, Military-Industrial-Complex agencies. The same thing applies to the Trolls’ that I refer to.

    The time frames you stated, have NOTHING to do with the current crop of paid, destabilizing-minions, factotums of the Evil Empire, the US Government.

    Read some of your OWN rhetoric, N.J. !
    If it doesn’t fit YOUR OWN DESCRIPTION of a vehement TROLL for the US Government, we, the audience on this site, would be very, very, surprised.

    What country and where, are you posting from N.J.?
    Your ability to communicate in English (except for your expletives, regarding Cuba) dictates an American Government’s response. If that is so, you fit MY description of a Troll, to a capital T.

    As always, you make my day enjoyable with your, ‘one-viewpoint only’, responses.
    Take Care.

    Don D.

  27. Donald -uck, wrong answer, you have just made yourself look a very silly boy again.

    I just read this which was written by a lady using a work by Peter Binose as reference and body.

  28. N.J.
    You of course, are entitled to say what you think, to the best of your ability. Likewise, so am I.

    Please explain yourself. What did you ‘just read this which was written by a lady . . .by Peter B., as reference and body?

    I don’t quote ANYONE’S rhetoric, my dear.
    By coincidence, something Bentnose might have said, I have no idea what, (but not very likely because of our opposing views).
    I am quite interested in what your partner in crime, working as another common TROLL for the US Government, proclaimed.

    By the way N.J., you probably have not noticed the exponential growth of the ‘Yellow Vest’ assemblies and revolts in France, Belgium and the Netherlands and many other countries as well.
    Your Government-Managed USA Medias’, are down-playing the seriousness and poo-pooing this phenomenon as ‘terrorist activities’ or something else, as equally abhorrent.
    Where you reside in the States, they might not be showing ANYTHING about it.
    More US-Government, UN-information as opposed to the usual, standard MISS-information.

    If it carries on and expands into the USA, for all the same Hegemonic reasons’, be prepared for an insurrection, the size of which CANNOT be controlled by rhetoric, Government speeches, or force.

    It’s no wonder they are downplaying (or NOT releasing), this very newsworthy information to the USA masses.

    Don D.

    • Evidently you have no access or don’t watch TV programs from the U.S. because the riots in France are getting plenty of screen time. We are all enjoying watching the Liberal / Pro-Global governance President get so embarrassed that he disappeared for a week. Not sure what you are seeing in this revolt that excites your socialist mind so much. What I see is a bunch of people who are tired of being taxed to the max, in order to pay for the same programs of which they are screaming to expand. We always get back to the same problem. Who’s going to pay for this? If you tax the so-called rich any more they will simply take their businesses and move them elsewhere. At this time with Brexit in full motion, England might be a welcoming place for them to go. You will never learn that your hope for global socialism is just never going to happen and that you will always be relegated to cheering for tiny little failed countries that continue to fall like dominoes. I haven’t followed you much but I have to wonder why you don’t live in Cuba if it is such a wonderful society. Better yet I’ll bet there are some wonderful opportunities in Venezuela in you have some money to invest. Now there’s a place where the Canadian dollar is actually worth something.

    • Don who is N.J. it would seem you are the only one that knows?

      Long live the Gonsalves revolution, and may we look forward to more solidarity under the comrade with the help of people like you Don.

      Hitherto, every form of society has been based, as we have already seen, on the antagonism of oppressing and oppressed classes. But in order to oppress a class, certain conditions must be assured to it under which it can, at least, continue its slavish existence. The serf, in the period of serfdom, raised himself to membership in the commune, just as the petty bourgeois, under the yoke of the feudal absolutism, managed to develop into a bourgeois. The modern labourer, on the contrary, instead of rising with the process of industry, sinks deeper and deeper below the conditions of existence of his own class. He becomes a pauper, and pauperism develops more rapidly than population and wealth. And here it becomes evident, that the bourgeoisie is unfit any longer to be the ruling class in society, and to impose its conditions of existence upon society as an over-riding law. It is unfit to rule because it is incompetent to assure an existence to its slave within his slavery, because it cannot help letting him sink into such a state, that it has to feed him, instead of being fed by him. Society can no longer live under this bourgeoisie, in other words, its existence is no longer compatible with society.

  29. Harry SVG.
    Very accurate Sir!

    No, I don’t know the identity of N.J., or if the post is from a man or woman.
    By her/his use of the language, it wreaks of an American college-level, presentation.
    This is not a bad thing, but, it is also the language of a US TROLL, bad-mouthing little Cuba.

    Something to keep an eye on, is the Yellow-Vest movement in France, Belgium, Netherlands and expanding across Europe at an astounding rate. If it arrives in the USA and grows at the same rate, the things you mentioned in your post will grow and bloom. America’s version of democracy(?), really called Capitalism, will fast come to a great screeching halt if the Yellow-Vest movement gains traction there.
    American News sources are putting their usual spin on the Yellow-Vest movement, calling the participants’, ‘a bunch of out of control terrorists’. This is the same rhetoric aimed at the socialist-leaning countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean (and elsewhere around the world).

    Take care, Harry.

    Don D.


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