Letter: ‘Alternative facts’ on Greenvale Development were intentional for political deception, misrepresentation and distortion


Dear Sir:

Camille Robinson-Regis, minister of planning and development, Arouca/Maloney MP and leader of government business in the House of Representatives, has been deliberately attempting to mislead the population with her brand of “alternative facts” with regards to the Greenvale Development Programme.

Robinson-Regis’s fabrications were intentionally used for the purpose of political deception, misrepresentation and distortion of the facts and begs the questions: is it acceptable for a minister knowingly to mislead the country; are there any repercussions; can the country trust the explanations on any issue coming from Prime Minister Keith Rowley and his Cabinet anymore?

Robinson-Regis’s feeble efforts to cast the blame onto the Peoples Partnership (PP) government for the catastrophe at Greenvale were an attempt to create a perception of high performance and adherence to the rules and regulations of proper tendering and adherence to Town and Country Regulations by the PNM.

On October 31, Robinson-Regis, speaking on Power 102.1FM, sought to blame the situation at Greenvale on the PP government saying the PNM was not responsible for this housing development project.

Robinson-Regis was adamant that, in 2011, the Town and Country Planning Division gave reasons for its refusal to grant permission for construction of houses in the area and that planning permission was granted in 2014.

The FACTS… Greenvale Development Project was commenced under the Manning-led PNM Administration(s) of 2002-2010.

The FACTS… on October 6, 2008, the HDC board under chairman Andre Monteil, entered into a firm price joint venture contract with Trinity Housing Ltd, owned by former PNM minister John Rahael, for the construction and delivery of 230 housing units.

The FACTS… this contract was valued at $97.5 million; the final cost was $253 million, $156 million over the original contract.

The FACTS… the minister of housing at that time was Dr Keith Rowley.

The FACTS… on Friday November 2, 2018, PM Rowley totally destroyed Robinson-Regis’s protestations and credibility that the PNM didn’t build Greenvale.

The FACTS… Rowley stated the former PP government ignored an engineering solution for Greenvale and claimed that the opposition is now wrongly blaming the PNM for flooding in Greenvale.

The FACTS… Rowley admits Trinity Housing wrote the new PP government on August 9, 2010, identifying a solution for flooding in Greenvale. In other words, the units were already constructed AND the flooding problem was already known!

Former PNM Housing Minister Dr Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde also rubbished Robinson-Regis’s credibility.

The FACTS…Dick-Forde, in the Guardian of November 5 2018, stated that, prior to exiting office in 2010, her personal assistant visited the Greenvale project, which was already almost complete. “The HDC did not have a tenders committee and was not using the Central Tenders Board so it was unclear how it was buying lands or selecting contractors; when I went in November 2007, the HDC was building without ap­provals.”

What was Robinson-Regis’s source of information for her to pontificate with authority that “planning permission was granted in 2014 and that phases 1 and 2 were completed in 2014 and the final phase was completed in 2015”?

Since her interview, a very different picture of the true facts has emerged, exposing her lies and reactionary agenda.

Robinson-Regis is a Cabinet minister and government house leader; she is expected to carry out her duties with integrity and professionalism.

But she has continually failed to establish any relation with the truth.

Her “alternative facts” were intentional and she has continually been submerging the country in a world of fake news and downright mendacity.

How can the population have confidence in anything this Cabinet minister and government house leader says?

The time has come when Camille Robinson-Regis’s monumental failures demand that she be stripped of all her official duties and be fired immediately.

The FACTS are all there so citizens now should be asking questions, review the information that has come to light, and come to their own conclusions about deliberate misdirection and malicious efforts to mislead them.

If PM Rowley fails to either demand her resignation of fire her, then he will be sending a message to the country that his administration condones such behaviour.

Capil Bissoon



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