Letter: Closed Mayaro schools reveal “lackadaisical” Garcia


Dear Sir:

The inactions of the ministry of education and its lackadaisical treatment of students of the Guayaguayare RC Primary School and the Rio Claro ASJA Primary School have resulted in both schools being closed since the beginning of the term for repairs.

The Guayaguayare RC Primary School is around 60 percent completed. However, a simple letter authorizing the principal to utilize alternative locations is lost in red tape. There are three locations ready for the students to utilize but apparently Minister Garcia has not seen it fit to issue authorization to date.

Even though the Rio Claro ASJA School has had no work done, classes have still been rerouted to the Rio Claro Presbyterian School and the Rio Claro ASJA Mosque.

The mosque in Rio Claro is not properly equipped to handle classes of this size. There is an issue regarding washroom facilities. The ministry wants the students to use PARC disposals, but this poses a serious danger to younger students particularly infants.

Teachers at the Rio Claro ASJA have refused to show up to work at the mosque until proper washroom facilities are arranged.

There are two ministers assigned to the ministry of education, yet neither of them appears concerned about the welfare of students or teachers in the Mayaro constituency. The children of Mayaro deserve better than this incompetent and unconcerned ministry and ministers of education.

The education of our children should not be compromised and I appeal to the authorities to expedite these matters in the interest of the future generation.

Rushton Paray
Member of Parliament for Mayaro



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