Letter: Solidarity with Belize teachers


Dear Sir:

The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) takes this opportunity to reiterate its commitment to remain actively engaged concerning issues involving all aspects of national growth, progress and development.

This is, in effect, a reaffirmation our solidarity with the labourers of this nation, as they establish their rights, via the union movement. Given the current matter afoot, involving the teachers, the BPP supports the BNTU in its latest stand to: obtain and preserve the rights duly deserving to its constituents – the teachers of Belize.

The BPP acknowledges the outstanding work and sacrifices of teachers, as well as all hard-working Belizeans, nationwide.

The BNTU’s stand and demonstration is a stand for this country. Therefore, we are with them 100 percent.

In solidarity… brothers and sisters of the BNTU!

The BPP calls on others to lend support to our teachers as this translates into support for country.

Belize Progressive Party



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