LKKK: A new face in Curacao’s Parliament?


By Wilson Wisdom

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao — The youngest of all political parties in the 2017 national general elections in Curacao in March 2017 was also led by the youngest political leader in Curacao’s history, Josefina Josepha, who once again could be writing Curacao’s political history, according to a local radio station.

The political party, Liberalismo Klasiko Komunidat di Korsou (LKKK) and its leader has asserted in previous TV and radio interviews, “Now is the time for a change and a new way of how politics and ethical campaigning should be done in Curacao.”

The LKKK leader wrote during the 2017 campaign, “I imagine because so many people and I have spoken, even with a nearly complete media and news blackout they imposed on me (and they know who they are), it is teaching me about one-on-one campaigning and listening to the people. There have been supporters and others who warned me that I should not talk about cutting parliamentarians’ salaries, even if it’s a few million US dollars in savings.”

She added, “Pinedo and TV-Direct, KSE and Charles DoRego and Mavis Albertina and Nos Pais have to live with their consciences and I do believe that the more this issue is exposed the more Helmian it would get, but there comes a time when you have to walk into the kitchen and turn on the lights and then try and spray the ‘Baygon’ on as many roaches as possible.”

The young leader of LKKK had stated in her party’ manifesto, “Every time the voters go to the polls, it’s usually the same people running for parliament in different parties or new parties or new or different people in the same political parties with the same political dogma and the end result is that nothing changes, except the financial burden on Curasalenos, increasing the stress and pressures on families and single parents and their children.”

Josepha presented a complete comprehensive national plan, including a financial budget with an eight-year projection, where according to the party’s manifesto online:

“…the lack of trade diversification will continue to enslave and stifle Curacao’s economic growth, and in the meantime we should stop trying to antagonize President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and try more diplomatic resources, whilst maintaining our strong relationship with the USA but also utilize our diplomacy with Cuba to help resolve the issue before it gets out of hand. However; if it does get out of hand, we need to respect human rights, and asylum seekers, but we would need to tighten up our borders working with the coast guard, Netherlands and Aruba with the help of NAFTA in a coalition forces, obviously that’s an opportunity not a challenge.”

The young leader wrote in her manifesto ‘Vision 20/20: Making Curacao a Better Place for Everyone’:

“The country needs to increase a positive trade balance with neighbours and international partners, encourage new investors, reduce utilities and most importantly hold off on further increases of minimum wages. To continue to increase the minimum wages is foolish, if we are trying to combat economic recovery and a growing unemployment rate that could tip 19% to 20% based on some indicators, if poor management continues of the country’s human and natural resources.

“For the Nobo Hospital, that’s a wrecking ball waiting to happen, the stress it will exert on the country at a half-billion guilders or one-third billion US dollars will tax the country exorbitantly, there are only 160,000 people in Curacao and the way some of these parliamentarians and government leaders are heading, they seem to forget about that agreement with the Netherlands. You make a deal with Mother Netherlands and she will collect on foreclosure no doubt and Curacao leadership is putting the country on a downward spiral into recolonization because our leaders fail to think about the country first and not their pockets, it seems.”

Unsuccessful attempts were made to confirm that Josepha, as the leader of LKKK, and former Pueblo Soberano parliamentarian, Melvin ‘Mac’ Cijntje, are in communication or discussions on a possible seat for the young leader and her party being represented in the eighth session of the Staten van Korsou.



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