Blockchain company lights up cannabis industry with digital asset trading platform


GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands — As the legal marijuana industry continues to professionalize and legalize, the cannabis industry is projected to grow 220 percent globally in 2019 alone. Backed by the blockchain technology, the Global Cannabis Network is poised to become the first online cannabis network to seize the new market and open up the multi-billion-dollar marijuana industry to the world.

Global Cannabis issued a shared statement, reinforcing their belief in this industry, “Cannabis is fast changing the way we live, learn and evolve. Businesses across the world, from growers and retailers to the tech and tourism sectors, are preparing to reap a windfall from legal marijuana. The health and wellness industry is fast changing the wellness landscape and beginning to find value and use. By aligning ourselves with this billion-dollar industry, we wish to build a strong cannabis community, one that is dedicated to continuous learning and cultivating ethical business practices. We will be holding frequent symposiums and conferences around the world to share the development, value and success stories.”

The Global Cannabis Network provides a three-pronged approach – digital asset exchange, trade network, community resources – to address the murky, yet rapidly expanding legal marijuana industry. Facilitated through the exchange of cryptocurrency, Global Cannabis Coin (GCX), the project aims to ensure individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry has unremitting access to a system of informational and legal resources.

Global Cannabis Exchange Service: A global, digital asset trading platform that provides users with a secure, decentralized, and a profitable mechanism to share, trade, and exchange for other digital assets. Global Cannabis Network is the first transparent exchange on the market to accommodate cannabis-related industry needs.

Global Cannabis Trade Network: A network of resources for businesses in the cannabis industry to address legal questions, receive or provide entrepreneurial advice, access industry information and best practices, and receive or provide mentoring. Considering cannabis legalities differ around the world, the network will initially focus their efforts in areas where marijuana is fully legal, and where there is a strong interest in cannabis.

Global Cannabis Community: A social network similar to Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, and Steem for cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Individuals will have the opportunity to post, share, upvote, and review cannabis related material.

The community is an important platform, as it encourages individuals and businesses that cannot participate in the Cannabis Trade Network or Exchange Service (due to legalities) to share their thoughts on the future of cannabis around the world.

The Global Cannabis team aims to open the coin listing service on Global Cannabis Exchange by November 2018, with their series of platforms developed and launched in early 2019.



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