Low-latitude tropical wave moving west towards the Guianas


By Caribbean News Now contributor

MIAMI, USA — A rare, low-latitude tropical wave, located more than 800 miles east of French Guiana, is producing a large area of cloudiness and disorganized thunderstorms as it moves westward at about 15 mph towards the northeastern coast of South America.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, some slight development of this system is possible during the next day or two before upper-level winds become unfavorable around mid-week.

The chance of a tropical cyclone forming during the next five days is estimated to be low (10 percent).

150 years of tropical cyclone tracks through 2006. NASA Earth Observatory

As illustrated by the graphic above, hurricanes rarely if ever form between 5 deg north and 5 deg south latitudes, respectively. A tropical cyclone is not likely to form if it is not at least 300 or so miles from the equator because of the lack of the Coriolis force caused by the rotation of the Earth.

Near the equator the Coriolis force is simply too weak to move the air around low pressure, as it flows from high to low pressure.



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