Letter: Prime Minister Keith Mitchell has portrayed our medical professional in a bad light


Dear Sir:

Employees at the General Hospital in Grenada are demanding an apology and retraction of statement made by Dr Mitchell last week at a town hall meeting held in Brooklyn, New York. In his speech, he made degrading, insulting and inappropriate comments against Grenada’s medical professionals and other workers at the hospital, accusing them of theft and incompetence.

Mitchell used childish temper tantrums to express his frustration, because his car salesman is a failure as minister of health, and any problems at the hospital should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the incompetent, ineffective minister.

His arrogant rants belittle nurses and doctors. What the prime minister failed to realize, is that it’s important to set a good example. If the prime minister, the minister of health and our medical professionals don’t get along, the rancor is likely to trickle down throughout the ranks. It’s about breaking down walls and building teams and that start at the very top. Grenada’s medical professionals are of very high integrity, they are our heroes. They save lives.

Social media have reported up a storm on the recent slanderous claims made by Mitchell, with Steele in tow, nodding his head in agreement to every bat-shit thing Mitchell said. He looked incredible foolish and ignorant, more like a coward. That should tell him that he is a disgrace to be holding that office.

What are the consequences, if the people given control over our government have no idea how it works and what they are doing? I am sure the majority of Grenadians would agree that most of the so-called ministers of government in Grenada are totally unprepared for the job they are holding. The Mitchell government is lacking some very important components.

Nicolas Steele, the car salesman, who now calls himself minister of health, doesn’t know his role and responsibilities, which is deeply troubling. This is the man Mitchell has chosen for that critical position. An inept and incompetent minister of health, he should submit his resignation immediately.

The health care system and the hospital as a whole, is a mess. Mitchell is a short-termist, everything he does has to pay off for him. We know what good government does is invest for the distant future, not this NNP government. Mitchell has no interest in it; his goal is to screw future generations.

Grenada’s medical professionals, who work at the hospitals, keep their heads down and do their jobs, because they are heroes, they are like a good cricket team with a moronic coach. Mitchell has got all kinds of problems in addition to his inability to run the government and country; he is doing more damage to the country than any other leader in Grenada’s history.

Mitchell is making war on our medical professionals; he is behaving like the enemy because of his hostile remarks against them. His war and feud on the medical professionals at home, is straight out of a dystopian dictator’s handbook. The prime minister was a distracting entertainment from the moment he opened his mouth at the Brooklyn town hall meeting. He made no mention about MNIB; he defended what was happening at Silver Sands Beach project. Mitchell’s ramblings and ravings and outsized ego are too big to be anything but hilarious.

Adolph Hitler – to invite perhaps the most extreme comparison – was a master of rhetoric, repeating key points in his speeches until people believed them. Mitchell, as has been pointed out, has done the same. Mr Prime Minister, the only incompetent jackass is Steele

Grenada’s healthcare professionals are vital to enacting and enforcing policies and keeping the system running effectively. However, we need these professionals more than ever to maintain efficient healthcare. They are some of the individuals who are making a difference in the world, not the politicians like Mitchell, who instead of rewarding and acknowledging our medical professionals, perceive them as thieves. Our healthcare system is faced with challenges on a daily basis, as do our professionals who channel their ambitions for the public health cause, not themselves.

Prime Minister Mitchell should educate himself in public health challenges and begin considering how he could use his political capital as well as his financial capital to take on those challenges in the healthcare department. That is what we expect of a politician to make a difference and that’s what will reflect a form of humility in himself.

Prime Minister Mitchell, please address the problems of inadequate supplies of medicines and equipment at the hospital. The world must know that Grenada as of today has the poorest and worst healthcare system in the world. Mitchell needs to fix it, and Steele must be held accountable.

The Mitchell NNP government is beset by ignorance, incompetence, caused by ruthless and shady leaders. Prime Minister Mitchell can legally get away with saying things that are not true. His allegations of theft at the hospital by medical professionals originated in conspiracy theory circles and have been debunked, but there’s nothing in the law preventing the prime minister from trafficking in falsehoods. Mitchell has a penchant for playing it loose with facts.

Ninety-nine percent of the statements made by him during the last general election were deemed either false, lies or pants on fire. Many of those false statements were lies directed against his NDC opponents, and false promises made to the citizens of Grenada, with reckless disregard for the truth. Mitchell is too petty to be holding political office.

The prime minister’s 2018 election victory, already filled with ugly insults and sordid character assassination, raises questions about our democracy. Is there a line past which negative comments by our leader should not cross? Do negative remarks against our doctors and nurses discourage good, eminently qualified people from entering public life? Should the prime minister apologize to the medical professionals for his false and defamatory rants in New York? Absolutely yes, as Sheldon Scott has stated, “The prime minister should not have made those negative comments.” But don’t hold your breath, Mitchell never apologizes to anybody.

Helen Grenade



  1. To agree with Grenade Helen’s bombastic remarks is to be ignorant of the fact that Keith Mitchell won all 15 seats in the March 13 general election with nearly 60 percent of the popular vote.

    To agree with Grenade Helen is to be ignorant of the fact that Dr Mitchell’s Brooklyn town hall meeting remarks were neither degrading, nor insulting, nor inappropriate. He simply pointed out what most Grenadians have known for years: the country’s medical professionals and other workers at the hospital, like their counterparts around the Caribbean, are guilty of the theft of materials compounded by gross medical incompetence and indifference to the welfare of their patients.

    Grenade Helen, you simply cannot accept that Dr. Mitchell was returned to office with a huge mandate to govern. Fire for you.

    Just get over it, stop throwing grenade duds left, right, centre, and move on. You lost fair and square. Stop acting like a petulant sore loser.

  2. Whatever you call yourself, Miss Grenade shoulduld not degrade herself, or go down to your level by responding to your idiotic crap. You do not speak to or for Grenadians, so keep spinning.The citizens of Grenada finds Mitchell rhetoric unacceptable. You are uninformed. Stay away from Grenada’s politics.


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