Open letter: ‘In Gear Show’ comments


Dear Mr DeFreitas

On either Monday or Tuesday you commented on the “In Gear Show” on the matter concerning the Peace Corps official. You went further to say that son or sons of a high official in government was likely to be implicated.

The biggest fool reading the article in Caribbean News Now will come to the conclusion that that story is nothing short of foolishness and ignorance. It speaks very poorly of the reporting standards of CNN but more so of you who resides right in St. Vincent.

Now that the Prime Minister has made a statement and has made it clear that the CCTV footage does not support the Peace Corps claims, it is incumbent on you to make it clear in your In Gear Show that what was reported in CNN is not what the Peace Corps alleged and neither that what was alleged was in keeping with the video footage.

For heaven’s sake lift your standards and help prevent your station from further law suits.

John Gumbs



  1. What we have there John Gumbs, is a lot of he said and she said! You write that “the Prime Minister has made a statement and has made it clear that the CCTV footage does not support the Peace Corps claims.” What is for sure, is that the Prime Minister is a politician, and one who has declared himself to sometimes be telling lies. Therefore why should we believe him this time?

    No disrespect to him John Gumbs, but what would be very good for clarity, is for the Prime Minister to publish the evidence of the CCTV footage of the incidence, if it exist that is, so that we can all make up our own minds as to what did take place, and if an incident had taken place that called for assistance from us the general public, then we can all no doubt help in finding those involved.

    Moreover, the Prime Minister is yet to explain to us, why from his understanding, the U.S.A is penalising citizens of SVG in its VISA Waiver Programme that many other Caribbean states will be benefitting from. Why is SVG Left out of that U.S Waiver Programme John Gumbs?

    With so much he said and she said John Gumbs, do you not think it is high time the Prime Minister put into the public domain all pictures?

    But there again John, we are always too stupid to be able to receive information from our wannabe resident King. It may be assumed that is why we do not have a “FREEDOM OF INFORMATION LAW” here in SVG!

    And another thing John, was the assurance by the Prime Minister, that we will have a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION LAW by the year 2002, assurance made during his prior electioneering, a lie on his part, or was he just being totally economical with the truth John? Had we such a law here John, interested parties could so easily fish out the real truth, as to what is actually known.

  2. There is no CCTV to show. Look if it existed he would show it quick as a flash. Just like he published the names of women who claimed he had raped them or had phone sex with him, quick as a flash he made everything public about his accusers in one case down to the number of their passport and a flight number they flew out of the state on.

    You are quite right James he is known to tell lies and has told us so himself. As such we cannot believe a word he says without the evidence, no evidence no believe.

    It’s a shame but it’s a fact he tells lies, and he is a serial liar.


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