Letter: Should Ralph Gonsalves remain in office?


Dear Sir:

Age catches up with us all eventually. The past behavior of Caribbean leaders should never be forgotten. In the case of Dr. Ralph E Gonsalves, he has so much stuff in his closet it is close to splitting wide open and the truth pouring out.

Unfortunately, the Vincentians with guts and political stamina have either gone abroad or left us for the other world, or have digressed into snivelling idiots who will suffer anything and say very little about it. Most Vincentians have developed into cowards, and some say they deserve the leadership in government they have got. They certainly do not object or strike out against corruption by politicians and party officials, or the barbaric Vincentian police force that has for the last eighteen years operated under the top orders of taking no prisoners.

Perhaps you have all forgot when PM Gonsalves said we will hunt them down until they exist no more, does anyone realize what that means precisely. Remember also when the police officers almost beat a youth to death in the Kingstown barracks. Those officers were charged with a lesser crime, found guilty, appealed and guilty verdict upheld. Then they were given their jobs back with the force and later promoted, why? was it a direct order from Gonsalves?

It’s easy to forget some of this stuff because there has been so much of it that most Vincentians simply cannot remember what happened in the past. PM Gonsalves once told us that Vincentians only have a nine-day memory retention capability, in that statement he may well be correct.

While doing a little research on the comrade I came upon the following articles that all Vincentians including those with a nine-day memory span should read again and refresh their memories.


Vincentians wake up and realise Ralph E Gonsalves along with his family dynasty and their chartered supporters bought with knighthoods and well paid jobs for them and their family are having a laugh at your expense.

Here is the comrade at the Cuban hotel having a good laugh at all Vincentians.

Here is Red Ralph with his communist allies and friends.

There are thousands of online references regarding the Unity Labour Party, Ralph E Gonsalves, members of his family dynasty. Can we as Vincentians allow this man and his family to continue making slaves of us all?

Under Gonsalves, and his family, this is not the old Labour Party we all knew and loved.

Wen Kroy



  1. More empty rhetorical bombast from the one and only Peter Binose, deceased, using yet another pseudonymn to try to fool us into thinking that the “Hate Ralph” clique is larger than it is.

  2. I saw a photo of that disgusting clown today. Looking at him sideways, he looks like he is pregnant with quintuplets. Trump could learn a few underhand things from Comrade Ralph, the Marxist Communist Saviour… he knows how to spend the peoples money more quickly than The Donald going to his weekend golf games on Air Farce One. Man tell me Ralph is richer by about EC$100 million from skimming off the Argyle Project. No wonder he fired the Cuban engineer – increasing the size of the culverts would have cost Raplh bigly out of his rake-off. Covfefe, even. At the next major rainstorm or hurricane Argyle will float out to sea, and he can skim another EC$100 million out of Vincy taxation with the next big White Elephant airport project. The sooner that fat shithead is out of office the better for the Vincentian people.

  3. Thanks for the help Wen, Marxism, and corruption go hand in glove. It is fairly obvious that Vincentians simply do not care if the state is ripped off.

  4. Lest there be any mix-up regarding the name ‘Don’, in the above, October 5th post/
    I, Don from Northern Canada, did not submit the above post.
    Perhaps one of your regular posters’ got tired of using his own name and wanted to upgrade his rhetoric.
    Once again, all joking aside, I DID NOT POST THE ABOVE EPITHET.


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