Letter: The real gangs of Jamaica


Dear Sir:

Since 9/11, the world became more aware of terrorism and, as such, an immeasurable amount of resources have gone into the elimination of terrorists and their organizations around the globe. In Jamaica, we call such organizations, gangs.

Two of the oldest gangs have become institutionalized and, as such, may not appear to be what they really are: terrorist-like organizations.

A careful review of our history should make it clear to you that these two groups have been terrorizing Jamaicans for years, plunging the nation into civil war at a point. In fact, many Jamaicans have been killed, victimized and exiled by these two gangs of the past 74 years. They have fancy and patriotic sounding names ending with “party,” but they have committed more crimes than any criminal gang in the land. In fact, they should be given the titles of “Mother and Father of all Jamaican Gangs”.

Through their quest for power, these entities created garrisons across the island controlled by “area leaders” and “dons” who have since mostly broken away from the control of their political masters and have done immense damage to life and property in Jamaica.

What bothers me most, however, is that they have been able to disguise themselves that few see these two terrorist organizations for what they are. And many have deep loyalty and respect for their leaders, candidates and officers. Anyone who chooses to join such a party or gang has, by that one act, disqualified themselves as a true representative of the people. By joining one of these gangs, it shows their lack of knowledge, judgement or moral compass.

The young gang members are no different from the old guard, who are training and mentoring them to terrorize us in new and more modern ways. Don’t be fooled by their sweet mouths or actions; birds of a feather flock together. And, as the Good Book asks, “Can two walk together unless they agree?”

Could any truly informed, principled person ever join or stay in a group that is a known terrorist organization?

Jamaica is ready to trash these old tattered books who still cling to their less than immaculate past and who refuse to govern to with transparency and accountability.

Voters must decide if they want to settle with continuing to give their pearls to the swine.

It’s time to be free!

Joseph Patterson
Founder and President
UIC Jamaica



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