Dallas police officer kills St Lucian man in his own home by mistake

Botham Shem Jean

By Caribbean News Now contributor

DALLAS, USA — A 26 year-old St Lucian national and Dallas, Texas, resident, Botham Shem Jean was shot and killed around 10:00 pm on Thursday night in his own home, by a female Dallas police officer. The officer told investigators that she returned home from her shift and entered the wrong apartment in her building.

Dallas police department issued a statement on Friday saying that the officer called for help and told responding officers “she entered the victim’s apartment believing that it was her own.”

Dallas police said the officer was in full uniform and “fired her weapon, striking the victim, who was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead”.

No details were released as to how the officer mistakenly entered Jean’s apartment.

Unusually, Jean’s name was released to the public when the police at the same time stated that the next of kin notification had not been made.

Jean came to the US to study accounting at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. He also studied at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in Saint Lucia before migrating to the US. At the time of his death, he worked in Dallas as a risk assurance associate for accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Dallas police said on Friday they are seeking a warrant for manslaughter charges against the female officer

Police Chief Reneé Hall said a blood sample was drawn at her request to test the officer’s drug and alcohol levels and “we are in the process of obtaining a warrant based on the circumstances.”

She said at a news conference that the Texas Rangers were launching an independent investigation. Investigators are “working as vigorously and meticulously as we can to ensure the integrity of this case and ensure the integrity of the department is upheld,” Hall said.

She said the officer, who was off-duty at the time of the shooting, would be identified pending any charges.

Hall did not say why the officer opened fire and declined to discuss what she may have been doing before she returned home after working a full shift on Thursday.



  1. This is atrocious.

    This innocent man was murdered in his apartment by a police office. This is both tragic and inexcusable. Note that charges of “manslaughter” are pending. Of course this is now a legal matter, but from a layman’s perspective, this sounds more like cold-blooded murder.

    I find this disconcerting, particularly because the US is in the business of providing guidance and insight when it comes to matters of “human rights”. Without a doubt, this unfortunate situation is clearly indicative of a situation in which one was mercilessly deprived of his “human Right”, fundamentally to live.

  2. A few things bother me about this tragic occurrence.
    One, didn’t the officer realize first hand that “when the keys don’t fit, it’s time to [a]quit.”
    The story is, according to the media ‘… after the officer had gotten off at the wrong floor, she approached an apartment thinking it was hers, tried her keys in the lock, and it wouldn’t turn. Soon afterwards, the homeowner comes to the door, the officer thinking he was an intruder… shot him.’

    Firstly, she’s on the wrong floor at the wrong door, trying to unlock it. The guy comes to see who’s trying to come into his apartment opens the door and is shot, by the person thinking it’s her apartment with somebody inside. (I find it hard to believe that the office never looked at the apartment number, after realizing, at some point, that her key does not work in the lock! Moreover, at what stage did the officer realize she was on the wrong floor at the wrong apartment? Was it after she shot Mr Botham Shem Jean

    Secondly, in the video at the front door of Mr …Shem Jean apt’ is a red mat. According to the news, the officer does not have a red mat at her front door. Not only that… all apartment doors are supposed to have id numbers or letters at each door. We believe that was so in this case.

    Based on these two things, it seems more than likely that the officer was under the influence. Probably drunk, or bewitched… “totally out of her mind”, completely lost, completely unaware of her surroundings!!!?? Remember now, we’re talking about a trained Police Officer, although off-duty.

    “She had to be drunk!”


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