Anguilla to launch residency by investment programme


By Caribbean News Now contributor

THE VALLEY, Anguilla — The government of Anguilla is to implement a “Residency by Investment” programme as part of its medium-term agenda. It will allow foreign nationals to acquire permanent residency status in Anguilla by making a financial contribution to the island and after proving to be of good health and good character.

The government of the British Overseas Territory is to host an information session on the subject on August 23, 2018, which will show the purpose and benefits of the programme, give a preview of the proposed residency by investment programme, the application process and fees, and its plans for implementation.

In 2014, a claim by promoters of a resort in another British Overseas Territory, the Turks and Caicos Islands, that investors are eligible to apply for a permanent residency certificate and British Overseas Territory Citizen (BOTC) passport, was refuted by the British government.

According to Tom Lawrence, at the Home Office Communications Directorate in London:

• Eligibility for British Overseas Territory Citizenship ((BOTC) is governed by the British Nationality Act 1981. Citizenship is granted by the governor of the territory and Overseas Territories are not able to grant BOTC status other than in accordance with that Act.

• Residency and other requirements for BOTC status apply, so anyone who has not lived lawfully in the territory for a number of years is unlikely to qualify.

• Criteria for the grant of BOTC include residence requirements, a good character requirement and an intention to make the principal home within the relevant territory.

• Generally, the residency requirements are for a minimum of five years residence immediately preceding the application, during which total absences must not exceed 450 days with a maximum of 90 days absence in the last year. The applicant must not have been in breach of immigration rules at any time during those five years and the last year of residence must have been free of any immigration control.

• BOTCs do not have the right of abode in the UK unless they later become British citizens.

“There is no direct route to BOTC and the investor will have to meet the eligibility requirements as noted,” the TCI governor’s spokesman confirmed at the time.



  1. SHAME on Anguilla or any other British Overseas Territory who set-up and enable a pay-to-stay program while their OWN British Overseas Territories Children (now adults) of descent, born out-of-wedlock, abroad, to unmarried BOT fathers between 1947 to 2006 are still SHUT OUT from claiming their fathers citizenship through descent. This needs to be rectified first before selling off the rights to residency to complete strangers! Where is your loyalty to your own blood? We run a campaign to speak up and fight for these children, far more than any BOT government is doing. The people of Anguilla and BOT’s should be calling and writing to their governments demanding they fix this stain on their own children’s rights. For more information our campaign web site is:

  2. You are on the right track…also check out why white folk are waved on by Customs in Blowing Point, Anguilla (at least as of last year) and anyone with a black skin is searched to the hilt..this is racial profiling, discrimination and it has no place in Anguilla, where Anguilians gave their lives to make it what it is today. It was a born Anguillian David S. Lloyd on whose shoulders the so called “upscale tourism industry” stands, as he built the first accomodation Lloyd’s Bed and Breakfast for tourists in Crocus Hill, Anguilla.

    BOTC Citizenship Campaign you will get a lot of support…in no way should the birthrights of born Anguillians and their descendants be given away to anyone how has a few dollars to throw in their coffers.
    Thank you for your strength courage and endurance.

    P.s Read letter of protest against the aforementioned policy in the Anguillian Newspaper “Letter to the Editor – August 2018.

  3. Thank you “Anonymous” August 20, 2018 6:27 pm for your supportive and informative comments. Respective BOT governments have known about this ongoing discrimination for years and have chosen to not stand-up to the UK government and demand a change. Why should children, now adults of BOT descent have to suffer this ignominy & hurtful rejection preventing them from being recognized by their respective countries & the UK? All we want to do is to embrace our fathers culture fully. I ask why has no Territories Lawyers or Barristers filed for a judicial review to seek a change in law? Do you know that in 2014, under section 65 Immigration Act 2014, which amended the British Nationality Act 1981, the same category of people of descent, born before 2006 under the same circumstances, were given this right to have retrospective right to claim their fathers citizenship by descent, IF their father happened to be born in mainland UK, however, with full knowledge of the British government & territories, BOT children of descent were deliberately left out because there was no time to consult to territories! The time to consult is NOW!. The time to rectify this is NOW! There is some hope out of the UK, the Joint Committee on Human Rights recently took evidence and has directed the UK government to amend the British Nationality Act 1981 to and include the BOT children of descent. These links, including an article by the BBC, provide more information:

    UK Government:

    BBC News:

    Campaign web site:


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